Little Girls in Makeup ??

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  1. How young is to young to wear Makeup ?

    My 11 year old is only aloud to wear lip-gloss for now, some of her peers can wear much more.
  2. Mine is 15 and just started wearing a little mascara. She has time to grow up why rush it.
  3. I wasn't allowed to even wear lip gloss until I was 13. It's really disheartening to see some of the little girls at the mall all made up (eyeshadow, mascara, blush), it's like they're missing out on their childhood.
  4. In my opinion, 12 to 13 is too young. When she's 14, a bit of lipstick and a bit of eyeliner is alright. Anything "skanky" is obviously unacceptable.
  5. I don't like it! My "baby girl" will be 5 on Thurs and I'm about to die!!!!!!!
    A little clear-ish lip gloss at 11-12 is okay.
  6. I did not wear makeup until I was 15. My, how times have changed.
  7. I wasn't allowed to wear "real" make-up until I was 16(foundation, mascara, lip stick). I agree with swankmama, clear lip gloss is ok at that age.
  8. I wasnt allowed to wear mascara until last year (im 16). I only wear mascara,small amount of eyeliner,and a bit of gloss ( only on weekends)..I think many girls in the 11-15 years are trying to grow up WAYY to fast. I think they should just take it slow..
  9. Hmm...interesting. I was allowed to start wearing make up when I was probably 11 or 12. Not that I'd wear it alot, but my mom took me to buy a bunch of stuff when I started going to all the bar/bat mitzvahs. We'd usually go and have our make up done before them anyway. I didn't think much of it since all the other girls would do it too...and way before the days of libby lous and those girl salon spa birthday parties parents would rent out real salons for us to get our hair all teased up 80s style, manis, pedis and our make up pictures from that were a little excessive, but it wasn't an every day thing! And when I was like 12, it was all very tasteful, if you looked at pictures it probably wouldn't have even been commented on.
  10. I think lip gloss is acceptable...other make-up, I'm not so sure. There is something really disconcerting seeing really young girls wear a lot of make-up to me.
  11. my mother didn't really let me wear full on make up until i was in college (i could wear make up in high school if i wanted to be *****ed at)
  12. My daughter is 13, I allow her to wear clear lip gloss, eyeshadow that is color free (shimmer only) and mascerra. Her lashes are already dark. She feels all made up. No one has told her yet , "You cant see it silly"!! SHHHH!
  13. I don't think kids before high school should wear make up (except for a school dance or a play!) :smile:

    I remembered my first "foundation" was johnson & johnson baby powder because my parents would have grounded me if they had seen me wearing make up at age 13. :biggrin:
  14. My daughter is 12 and is starting to express an interest in possibly wearing makeup. She's got some lip glosses, and I recently bought her an eyeliner and mascara, but she hasn't worn it yet (just played around with it in the house). I hate it when I see young girls who have more makeup on than I do!
  15. i was never given a set age, but i still don't wear makeup on a daily basis. i think young girls look kind of pathetic in makeup, there's so much natural beauty in there and they're just covering it up to buy in to society's conception of what is attractive :-/