Little girls and their mommies purses

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  1. after reading the thread young girls in the LV sub forum.. I wanted to post a pic of my daughter carrying my dior bag. She is only 17 months old but she loves my purses and also the purses at the stores we go to. I guess like mother like daughter. Does anyone else have daughters that love bags. please post pics if you have any. I think it's so cute.. :P

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  2. No pics....but my oldest daughter (6) has already got her eyes on a couple of mine. She will have to wrestle them from me in about 7 (?) years time!
  3. what a cutie!! no kids yet, but it'll be fun if I have a daughter, though quite expensive for DH
  4. I'm saving most of my bags for when she gets older, they'll be vintage.. Having a daughter is such fun, I can't wait till we can go shopping together when she grows up!!
  5. I need to get a picture of my little sister with one of her bags :love: That is a cute pic btw! I wanted to get that purse for my sis, but it was sold out at the time.
  6. Beautiful :love: She has expensive taste!!!
  7. Yeah pursegal, soon she'll be after her aunty's purses.. hahahaa
  8. that is such a cute picture!! no kids yet for me.
  9. Not daughter, but my son (8 yrs.) knows the difference between a LV, Prada, Chanel, etc.....His wife will absolutely be spoiled one day!! When he was four he strolled out of Neimans toting a $700 Prada bag that he thought I would love!!! I had to explain that shoplifting is wrong....but damn, that was a cute bag!! We were staying in a hotel recently that had an LV boutique, and he went into the store, saw a bag that he thought I would like, and told them to charge it to our room!! Sigh...if only my husband hadn't stopped him.........
  10. ^^^that is so cute! :biggrin: If I ever have children, hopefully they'll do that too!
  11. I have no kids, but my little sister is starting to get into bags....she would take mine and bring them to school when I wasn't home!! :sad:

  12. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Hahahahah that is so funny how he walked out with the prada bag. My daughter hasn't taken anything that expensivel, but the other day she accidentally "stole" a pair of sunglasses from hot topic. I didn't find it until I was at the car putting her stroller away, so I had to go all the way back in the store to give it back to them.. and the girl at the counter was like Okay suspiciously.. obviously she was very young with no knowledge of children's behavior.. and that sucks your hubby stopped him.. Such a nice little boy you have. I wish I had one, hopefully my next one is a boy. I'm praying actually:lol:
  14. Ohhh you better put them somewhere safe so she can't get to them. hehehe;)
  15. He is a doll!!! At the time, I had three kids under 5, him being my eldest.... so I was busy with strollers, baby, etc...I am not sure how he made it out of Neimans with the bag either, but he very proudly presented it to me upon arrival to the car. They SA thought it was pretty cute not too much embarassment!