Little Fendi Furry Friend

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  1. A late reveal, as I've had Lagoon for some time now, but I was waiting for a sunny afternoon to take the pictures! ;) My Little Lovely Lagoon...! :hbeat:


    With my LV Speedy 25...


    And a close-up with my Fendi Roll Tote...


    Thanks for letting me share! :flowers:
  2. How adorable is little Lagoon!!! :love::girlsigh:
    Huge congrats dear crisbac :hugs:
    I love his eyes!
    Pink and blue combo ever :hbeat:
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  3. Thank you so much dear Bother Free!!! :hugs:
    Yes, the shades of pink and blue are so special in this buggie! :yes:
  4. So cute! Congratulations!!!

    I've used a lot of my older bags again recently because my Fusto Bag Bug has brought life to them again. I hope that Lagoon brings the same to all of your bags.
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  5. Thank you so much averagejoe!!! :smile:
    What you say is so true! When I see Lagoon, I think of my barley Baguette and my Speedy 25, which I don't carry often. It's amazing how buggies and pom-poms can bring new life to bags and it's so much fun! :tup:
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  6. You're welcome! At first, I regretted spending so much money on a bag charm (I didn't own any bag charms previously) but I don't regret buying Fusto at all now. A lot of my older bags have come back into rotation because I am excited to see Fusto on different bags rather than the same one all of the time. Today he revived my Dior Homme tote which I haven't carried for almost a year. I had to attach him with a fabric loop because the bag has absolutely no hardware on the outside.
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  7. congratulations! Lagoon is so beautiful and yours has such lovely fur! I agree with the comments above- charms really do bring bags back to life!
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  8. What a great idea to attach Fusto with a loop to your Dior Homme tote, averagejoe! It's a wonderful combo! :tup: And your fusto is so lovely! :hbeat:
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  9. Thank you very much Harper Quinn! :hugs: Yes, buggies bring renewal, and so much fun! :amuse:
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  10. I love your little Lagoon! Mine is still on it's way from Neimans. Talked to them yesterday and they said shipping can take longer from a store but Wish it diddn't take him 2 weeks to reach me!
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  11. Thank you very much Bonnielovesbags! :smile: I hope your Lagoon arrives sooner than expected! ;)
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  12. Love the fierceness in Fusto's eyes! :coolio:
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  13. Congrats Crisbac
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  14. Lagoon is the cutest! Congratulations!
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  15. Soooo adorable! Where did you find him? Do you think he's still available somewhere? Thanks!
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