Little Earth Fender Flair - I'm Hooked!!

  1. Has anyone seen the darling bags by Little Earth? My favorite are the fender flair bags. Check it out when you get a chance. They are great gifts - just bought one for my niece called "Cocktail Time" - she's a bartender. Hint - they are much cheaper on e-bay... You can get each model with our without Swarovski crystals.

    I also love Mary Frances bags but can't seem to find them for much less than published retail. The deals on e-bay are not as great as the deals on the little earth fender bags. Anyone have a clue as to where to find these unique bags for less?

    Does anyone know of other novelty type bags? They are my newest fascination! Thanks.
  2. Never heard of either, I'm afraid, do you have any pics? :smile:
  3. I'll try to attach a couple of little earth fender bags below.....(their website is Their bags are made from recycled materials, mostly cars. The handles on the pictured bags are made from tires. If you look at the dimensions, they are a pretty healthy sized little bag!

    As for Mary Frances . . . they are very ornate little bags usually used for evenings, but I use mine whenever the mood strikes......she just came out fairly recently with some larger bags for every day, also ornate.
    cosmo mini flair.jpg diamonds fender flair.jpg