little early but New Years Resolutions


Mar 2, 2007
Hmm. My H-related New Years resolution is to chill out on the scarves. I added it up the other day and I've spent nearly a KELLY on scarves this year. What the...HOW?! Needless to say I am whittling my collection as we speak.


Aug 30, 2007
I hate to break this to you, Cynthia, but when those babies come, it will be at least 2 years before you can wear a scarf other than at night. Babies do nothing but spit and drool! My daughter said she was so glad to once again be able to wear cashmere and silk scarves when her youngest turned 2, but even then she had to be careful (even now when he's 5!). Cotton blouses (in permanent press because she went through about 5 each day) and cotton knit turtlenecks were all she could wear. She said she didn't know which of them changed clothes more often during the day - the baby or her! Her "fashion goal" was not to be chic or pulled together, just CLEAN with no stains!


Satans Little Helper
Dec 16, 2006

Turquoise swift Lindy, 34 cm
Something in rouge H
A barenia 32 HAC or 35 Birkin
Another, Different HAC don't care what right now.

And to buy at least one of these in Paris...


Bolduc Ribbon Girl
Apr 30, 2007
My H New Year's Resolution:

I must not waste money on beauty products that I don't need and can't possibly use up. I just have to buy the essentials and keep saving for Ms. Bolide. :smile:

& I would like to go my nearest H boutique in the summer
as a present to myself for graduating. :smile:

*fingers crossed* (for the Hermes trip, not the
graduating). ;)


Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
First off: A turquoise Lindy? TDF!!!! I want to come over and play with it when you get it. LOL!!!

My resolution is:
keep being patient. Patience, patience, patience is so important for my life right now. My first deployment is coming up at the end of next year sometime, and once I am mired in that, I can look forward to (coming home of course) visiting H sometime in 2010 for my first boutique visit and hopefully first H item.

Patience for next year is of the utmost importance because I will see so many lovely things that you ladies get, and I can't get any of it, so I will just look and stare in awe!!!

Hopefully in 2008 I can go to the H meet in January - Seattle! There my resolution is to hold my first birkin, and it will be raisin no less (thanks Lisa!) and see other amazing H items in person. That will probably be one of the best times of my life!