Little DH question ;)

  1. just a short question.. what exactly does DH stand for?
    I know it means husband - but I am trying to figure out for what exactly the letters D and H stand.
    maybe DH = desperate husband? lol as in "desperate housewives" (they are desperate because we buy so many bbags hehe ;) )
    I am not english speaking so please forgive my stupid question, I am just curious :upsidedown:
  2. dearest husband :smile:
  3. lol oooh Dearest!! that's sweet ^.^
    thanks for the quick answer!
  4. I always read it as Darling Husband!
  5. or Dorky Husband!
  6. how about Da Husband!!!
  7. DH = "Desperate Husband" <--I kind of like that too. LOL :roflmfao:

    Anyway, I always read it as "Dearest Husband" too. :love:
  8. or Delicious Husband ;)
  9. or dumb husband =X
  10. ...or, are on certain days..."D#@*-Head"!!! (I didn't just type that, did I?? ):angel:
  11. LOL! replace everyone's posts with desperate, delicious, D!*h#@D..haha!