little cousin is freaking- tampons.. what do I do?

  1. My cousin has been using tampons for a couple of years, and after using the bathroom as I came home she came running to me almost in tears just now freaking out. She went to remove her tampon- she thought she put one in as always, she's never forgotton, but she couldn't find the rope. She washed and stuck her finger in (to hopefully the right spot) and used a mirror and saw "nothing but pink". She doesn;t understand how she could have just forgotten to put in her tampon, regardless of the fact that she had just spotting today, but she only had reg. tampons and was too embarrassed to ask for lites. HOWEVER she has the tendency to always take the tampon, keep it on the counter as she urinates, and then takes it from the counter. THere is one unused tampon on the counter, so it is hopefully very likely she just forgot to put it in, but she has no clue how she could have just forgotten, when she says she never has. But when I asked her when she wiped if there was any traces of blood she said no, whcih was odd because she would have expected it if she wasn't wearing a tampon.

    She doesn't want me to take her to the hospital in case she totally forgot to put it in, and her parents are too far away to help out if any, so I don't know what to do! THis is why I'm not a parent! I thought it was just a myth that you can just loose the tampon in yourself, but especially if you were wearing a tampon of high absorbency wheny ou had a next to nothing flow? What do I do about her? Thanks!
  2. anyone?
  3. You can't lose a tampon. It won't go past the cervix. My only suggestion is that she try washing her hands again, squat down, and reach in deeper to see if it's just lodged far up in there. She can also try bearing down or coughing while she's in the squatting position to see if anything dislodges.
  4. Tampons only go in so far. If she stuck her finger in... she would've def felt it right there. And it can't ever get lost inside somewhere. I honestly think she doesn't have one in. Just wait abit and see if any blood comes out (her period, that is). If it does, then mystery solved... good luck!
  5. I agree you cannot lose a tampon. A young girl especially should be able to tell with a clean finger if one is present or not. Tell her to wash her hands and do a circular sweep inside. If she can feel her cervix (most women can) and sweeps around it if she finds nothing then there ISN'T one there. No need to go to the hospital.
  6. Thanks everyone, she says she still cannot feel anything, but she still doesn't want to go anywhere, but in the morning if she's feeling any symptoms of TSS, I'm taking her to the doctor whether shes embarrassed or not, and her parents agree.
  7. OK...dont laugh but this actually happens alot to people.she can reach all the way cant go anywhere else.if its not never was put in.
    PHH is an ER this is common.I wouldnt worry about it.Just have her check more thoroughly..Then she will see its either there or she never put one in
  8. Hmm sometimes when my tampon is over soaked blood still leaks through if there is one in there... tell her to do a circular sweeping motion, theres no where it can go..
  9. Agree with the others.. but if you are still worried, take her to the ER. Better safe :tup:

    good luck!
  10. Definitley agree with the above posts! Better safe than sorry! When I first started using tampons, I remember this old lady telling me this horror story about how her niece left a tampon inside for 10 days and then she ended up dying from TSS!! :wtf: I don't know how true that story is but yikes!!!
  11. Wow, just reading this, hope everythings ok. I hate tampons, rarely use them.
  12. Did everything turn out okay for your niece? I hope so.

    I remember "losing" a tampon when I was a teen. I freaked too, and I didn't have anyone that I felt comfortable talking to about it. I'm glad that you're there for your niece. Anyway, I think bearing down will do the trick. Sometimes young girls are squeamish about feeling around too much in there:push:

    Hopefully she forgot to put it in. It happens. I'm a grown up, and last week I discovered that I had two in--forgot to take one out:wtf:
  13. I did this once. I just forgot to put one in and freaked out when I couldn't find it.