little concern about my Tivoli. is this normal?

  1. I was preparing to take her out for the first time because rain finally stopped and I found out the handles look kinda weird and also their position on each side is quiet different. Tivoli owners... is this just mine? or yours are like this as well....

    it bothers me little bit. but well it is such a hassle to try to exchange it because it is sold out right now. sigh...I love her too much.
  2. forgot to add pics.
    t 001.jpg t 002.jpg t 003.jpg
  3. Wait, what do you mean the handles look weird? I noticed yesterday that the handles on mine have a really weird texture, but I thought it might be just me.... And same here, I love it too much to go exchange it.
  4. Well that one handle doesn't look like it is lined up. I would probably take it in for an exchange. Have your SA get one on hold for you. If you don't, it will continue to bother you.
  5. ^they do look a tiny bit misaligned.... If it really bothers you, maybe try exchanging it? Though like you said, it might take you a while to get a new one....
  6. I would exchange it. Although it may take a while to get the replacement, it will be worth it than to have a bag that you like than have the misalignment bother you.
  7. gosh. I bought at
  8. i see what you're talking about. it would bother me too, which reminds me to go look and see if my handles are aligned - now i'm worried. i'd return it, and get back on that waitlist; perhaps the SA might put you at the top of the list. good luck!
  9. I agree, exchange for a new one.
  10. I would just give them a call and see what they can do. You spent a lot of money and should be happy with your purchase.
  11. I would exchange it ... it would bother me too!
  12. That would bug me! Call your SA and have her track one down for you.
  13. ^ Ita.
  14. Ok thats bad workmanship. Have it changed. Its over 1k. Its not suppose to be like this.
  15. She did when I had problems with my trevi which was sold out everywhere. I had to wait for another one for about three weeks but now I'm glad I did.