Little Collection

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  1. 774A0A9B-8C68-4941-B87F-378FC8923303.jpeg just wanted to share my little collection
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  2. Love how it’s all displayed! :smile:
  3. Thank you! Moved into a new house and a custom closet was a must!
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  4. Nice display! Sperone bb owner!! Ah! I’ve been contemplating about buying this! Are you still loving yours?
  5. Yes I am! It actually fits quite a lot. Perfect for spring
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  6. Beautiful!
  7. Love it!! Great to display stuff so you remember what you have.
  8. Beautiful display- it's great that you can easily see what you have- it must be digging through the dust bags lol
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  9. Thanks ladies!
  10. Great collection and so nicely displayed!
  11. Great collection and yes that display is a nice touch. I hope you’re enjoying your beauties.
  12. Everything is lovely!
  13. I absolutely love how you are displaying them!
  14. I wish I could fit a bag display unit like yours in my bedroom. Looks awesome.
  15. Great collection. I would suggest to add the glass doors to avoid the dust, if possible.