Little Coach Lovers in Training

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  1. Thought you guys might get a kick out of this!

    I was doing laundry at my boyfriends apt complex, and i see these little girls coming out of a building with these big purses that must belong to their mothers or bigger sisters. As they walked by I heard them say "We're going to pretend we work at Coach. It's a really expensive purse store." I can see their moms are training them already!
  2. lol
  3. *LOL* Too cute.

    My bf's daughter loves my purses, so for her birthday we bought her a bag from Marshall's. It wasn't Coach or anything, but she just loves it. I can tell she's going to be a big girly girl, and I know eventually we'll be getting her a Coach. (Many years from now. *L*)
  4. how adorable!
  5. Too funny!

    My 7 year old daughter informed me yesterday that she no longer wants to be a doctor, she wants to work at the Coach
  6. ROTFL. Adorable. Better tell her she needs a doctors salary to be able to afford those nice bags!
  7. I convinced my boyfriend to buy a small coach bag for his sister for xmas from an outlet. Needless to say, she loved it. If only I could convince him to buy me bags!
  8. how cute.
  9. super cute!
  10. Aw that's sweet! Too bad we all can't work at Coach stores.:graucho:
  11. How funny!
  12. I know!! I wish mine would buy me stuff too. *L*
  13. I'm a proud 13 year old coach addict :shame:
  14. My daughter is ONLY 5 years old and when I bring her into the Coach boutique her eyes literally light up!!! She takes the handbags, one at a time, VERY carefully, and models them in front of the long mirror! The SA's eat her up!!! When I go in there w/o her, the ones who know me ask where she is!!!! LOLOLOL.... and she LOVES telling her Daddy what to buy Mommy for her birthday and holidays (hint hint!!!!!!) LOLOLOLOL
  15. My 2 year old SON now says, "Mommy I want purse." He hikes them up on his shoulder and says, "Pretty".

    I just got a thank you note from the North Park store in Dallas requesting that I come back soon to get him a matching wristlet.

    Oh what have I done? :sad: