Little Clear Protective Tape on Pushlocks

  1. I'm paranoid and leave it on so the pushlocks don't get scratched. Are there any other weirdos that do this?
  2. I do! For some reason I love to keep my things in pristine condition as long as possible. :shrugs:
  3. I leave it on, because I forget it's there.
  4. Oh, live a little, and take it off!!!!

  5. i will usually remove them because i find that the pushlocks don't slide out of the buckles as easily especially if the tape is still on the backsides. the metal on the mj bags are surprisingly durable. i don't really baby my bags much and the hardware has managed to stay pretty scratch-free.
  6. I left it on for awhile because I didn't know it was there! But then it started peeling up and I felt like an airhead for not seeing it earlier. :push:
  7. I'm a dork... I like to keep them on!
  8. i took mine off and now i regret it! though the hardware shines that little bit more in the sun making my zc stand out...which i like
  9. I leave mine on...glad to read that others do this as well.
  10. i leave mine on too...:yes:
  11. I didn't notice them either at first till one day I looked down at a pushlock and it was discolored and bubbly looking. I started freaking out. Much to my relief it was the sticker.
  12. I didn't have the option:crybaby: mine is a eBay bag! Although there is tape on the backsides!!:sad::sweatdrop:
  13. Me too. Most people don't notice it anyways.
  14. That's funny. I never keep mine on. I don't like that filmy feel to it. :lol:
  15. I'm totally dorky too. I keep them on until they start curling up and I have to take them off.