Little Children & Chanel

  1. My 4 1/2 year old Neice wants my chanel totebag. Shes in love with it. Whenever she sees it she doesn't want to let it go. Its adorable :smile: So I was thinking of getting her a replica one since 1) Im not going to spend all that money on a 4 year old only for her to finger paint all over it and 2) I have the pink one. Which I haven't seen in stores forever. So does this sound like a good or a bad idea? I kinda dont want to because Ive never boughten a fake bag before. With the exception of the fake LV but we don't talk about that. ;] (i was 12 years old. I didn't know better)
  2. Don't do it, fakes are illegal.
  3. What else I was thinking was I could get her a chanel "Inspired" bag. I know the Burlington Coat Factory by me sells the bags that are quilted but dont have the logo on it. But ehh. shes not stupid. She'll know the difference lol
  4. ^ I would just got her one of those inspired bags. While she may be able to figure it out, if all else fails...well, I think at that age adults have the advantage of just saying NO or getting her mother to, that is. ;)
  5. My five year old is the same. She can tell a 'real' Chanel!!. It was one of the first words that she could read. I tend to stear my daughter towards Disney/ Hill Duff bags and let her 'play' with my Chanels at home.
  6. yes, PLEASE do not support counterfeiters by buying their bags, an inspired one is somehow more ethical.
  7. Pls. don't get me wrong, but I find that a 5 y.o. girl wanting a Chanel (or any other brand) is scary...shouldn't they crave for Barbie?? My two nieces aged 8 and 6 really can't care less if I wear my Burberry or a Furla, they just say "it's nice!" then go back to their dolls.
    Anyway, I think a replica is better.
    Pls. I don't want to cause a mess, I was just reflecting that at that age, I didn't know what Chanel (or Hermes, Gucci) was, but now I see little children here in Italy wearing Cavalli, Burberry and other fashion brands, and they bully at other children wearing non-signed brands. It's quite a social issue here, and somehow scary to me. Maybe i could start a thread!
  8. I didn't really get into designer stuff until a few years ago. My mom doesn't even carry designer bags, So it wasn't something i grew up around. Most girls in highschool (atleast here) Seem to bully kids who dont have what they have. It's common. Its the whole social clique thing. Its pretty sad actually. But this whole replcica or a inspired by thing is killin me here lol. I know someone I can get a replica from for 20 dollars, while the inspired by is also 20 dollars. So maybe I'll buy her both, and see which one she likes better. And then give away the one she doesnt like. (which is what I did with my replicas about 3 years ago. I gave them all away to people I know couldnt afford the real thing.) although I kept my speedy replica because I want to take it apart at one point and use the fabric for some sort of collage or scrapbooking page. And theres no way I would cut apart my REAL speedy. Id kill for that bag lol
  9. Replica is bad, it's illegal, please don't go that route :yucky:
  10. Yes, PLEASE.. No Fakes.
  11. i would just get the "inspired" bag. or if you're going to buy the replica, don't tell any of us on here! :yucky:
  12. I find 4 1/2 is a little young to encourage purchasing expensive designer anything. I have taught primary school for many years and have never come across a very young girl who likes anything other than the Hillary Duff, Barbie, Olson twins (when they were younger) kind of thing.

    I don't think you should encourage buying very grown-up items till she's a little older. I think you should encourage her to be a little girl for now. She has lots of time to get into the designer thing in a few years.

    But that's just MO. Feel free to ignore me. :smile:
  13. i think its really nice that you want to get something for your niece. i think its a good idea to get her something similar to your bag. i'm not saying anything about fakes. maybe you can get her a dora the explorer or something else that is cute, but still close to your bag.
  14. The Inspired Bags Are The Same As Fake To Me...
    My Daughter Carries My Real Lv Pouchette..
    And She Is Dying To Wear My Cc Clip Ons.. She Just Turned 10
    So I Know The Feeling . They Get Caught Up In What We Like
    I Just Say She Has Good Taste...her Poor Future Husband.. Lol