Little Card holder

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  1. Just wanted to share my little coach purchase. Normally I'm over in the chanel, Prada and LV forums but thought I would share this little cutie with you.
    I wanted something to use in my Prada cross body as a little wallet and stumbled across this little guy - It fits perfectly with room still for my phone, lippy and keys.
    I just take a little cash, license and a couple of bank cards and I'm good to go!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393564469.974357.jpg

  2. That is super cute! Love your Prada bag too, congrats!
  3. Love the two colours together.
  4. That's a lovely combination!
  5. Lovely :loveeyes:

    Could you please let me know the style number for the Coach card holder?

    I need something small like that, since I really only carry my ID, AAA card, and debit card.
  6. Cuteness!

  7. I'm not sure which one is the style number so I've attached a picture of the receipt :smile:
    I hope you find one!

  8. SilviaLovesBags

    Thank you all so much!
    I was just so glad the hunt was over ... I'd looked at many different brands and this one ticked all the boxes - I highly recommend this piece.
  9. They are so cute together! I really love the configuration of the wallet too. It is perfect!
  10. omg this is sooo cute and perfect for small bags. Your Prada bag is gorgeous too! love that color
  11. Pretty color for card case and Prada bag...adorable together!
  12. In trying to decipher the receipt (OP, I didn't notice you were in Australia!) I believe the style # is 51171, and I'm also guessing its an Asian exclusive item.... :sad:

    Thanks for sharing...It's adorable.....I love, love, love Saffiano!
  13. It seems so. I only found it on the Japanese site, where it is referred to as the Saffiano Leather Business Card Case. It is really cute!
  14. Love this card case! Congrats!
  15. So cute!