Little Britain wit kate moss (with clip & stills!)

  1. Oh Gawd!!!!!!!! I wonder if BBC America will show these new episodes. I'm still waiting for them to show what happened on Footballers Wives after Conrad got shot! They never did show The Brit Awards 2007... I really need to hit the lotto so I can go back HOME. Later for the fact that I was born n' bred over here in the states. If there's any truth to "Home is where the heart is", home for me is London...and I wanna go HOME!

    Oh, and thanx for the pix!
  2. I love Footballers Wives too!! :smile: Have you seen Footballers Wives Overtime yet? There's a new cast but it did follow up on what happened after Conrad's accident (I won't tell you what happened though... don't want to kill it for you). It usually comes on Sunday nights at 10 pm eastern time. Hope you get to see it! I can't wait to see this video at home... I can't download this at work! bummer! :sad: