Little boys with piercings?

  1. My son, who is 7 just informed me that he wanted an earring. I asked him why and he said that boys in his class wear them. I was disbelieving until this afternoon when I saw two 8 year olds get off the bus with one earring.

    Is this a new trend? I think teenaged boys (16-17 yo)with piercings are fine, but this is the first time I saw 8 year old boys with pierced ears...and a lot of gold chains too :wtf:.

    I've had my ears pierced since I was very little, but culturally most women in my country do wear earrings (there is a saying that women without earrings have 'lonely' ears) but never men.

    I don't think I'll be giving the okay to an earring for my son, but what does everyone think?
  2. Don't let him get it done! He's only 7!!
  3. I have had my earings in since I was a baby. However, I am also a girl and I totally agree with a girl having earrings when little are more popular than boys. My cousin however had an earing when he was about 8. His parents liked it and thought it was OK.

    I don't have a feeling either way. But that's because I have A LOT of piercings and so does my boyfriend (eyebrow, lip) and I find it very fascinating. However, your son is 7 and definitely not like my SO and I. So if you don't like the way it looks, then don't let him.
  4. In Hawaii, especially where I live, it's pretty common to see little boys with earrings. My coworkers son is 9 and has a big ol (fake) rock in his ear.
  5. i have 2 boys. no way.
  6. Maybe I should make him look at SO's ear piercing? He had one done when he was in college and does has not worn an earring for many years.

    It could go both ways. He could either want a piercing because Dad has it and it's cool, or he won't want one anymore because 'old people have them'!
  7. Augh! No way! Don't let him get one!
    I use to have a friend who had an 8 year old brother with a piercing. To be frank it made him look quite odd.
  8. NO WAY!...he is too young.when he is old enough to make an adult decision for himself..then he can do it
  9. that will definitely NOT be happening in our house!:laugh

    Call me sexist, I can totally take it:yes::
  10. I'd tend to say no way but when I was a kid I wanted my ears pierced soooo bad and my mom said not until I was 18. I finally broke her down when I was 12. So I know how much kids can want something.
  11. No no....I don't like that. I don't even like seeing little girls with earrings. I'm a big believer in "wait until they are old enough to make their own decisions".
  12. I guess I'm the lone gunman. I wouldn't really care. :yes:

    I would only agree after some talk and understanding of the responsiblity that is involved. I wouldn't matter to me the sex of the child. I got my ears done at 8 years old. I see boys getting their ears pierced at the mall all the time (which is a horror story all it's own) and I've seen a range of ages getting it done.
  13. Where I come from (geographically and socially), little boys with jewelry and earrings would be considered, er, low-rent. These kids also commonly sport "rat tails", another fashion accessory that just says "trailer park" to me.

    The only males who can get away with piercings are the mid-teens to 20-somethings, IMO. Any older and they're just trying too hard, any younger and, well, see above.
  14. Don't do it! :smile:
  15. I don't see why it's okay for little girls to have earrings but not boys. All that does is perpetuate gender stereotypes.

    I don't see anything wrong with the kid having an earring if that's what he wants. It's not permanent (like a tattoo) and is easy enough to take out if he changes his mind later on.