little black stam is here!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. oh man! I am so ready to sell evey bag I own! I had no idea this bag was this beautiful! Its my new favorite!!! Hubby is going to get some serious virtual sex tonight when I get home on Skype! It came from Marc Jacobs in San Francisco. I don't know how he did it - just so appreciative and glad he did (I'm getting all ferklempt!) Heres a couple of quick photos - I have 20 minutes to shower and get ready for work.....

    stam.jpg stam standing.jpg
  2. Cute bag, congrats!
  3. It's so cute on you! Congrats!
  4. it looks gorgeous. congrats.
  5. Oh she is beauuuutiful!!! And it looks fabulous on you!!!
  6. Very, very cute!! I had no idea it'd be so cute. Congratulations!!
  7. It looks fabulous on you!!! Congrats, and what a sweet DH!
  8. Just love it! Stamps why I want one so bad!
  9. Congrats! Little stam looks great on you!
    Hehehee....Have a great...great time tonight. =)

  10. ahhh i was trying to convince myself that a small bag like that isnt worth 800, but seeing it on you makes me want to forget that and run out now and get it.
  11. looks great on you! you're making all of us want one too! =)
  12. Awww hooray for the hubby!! It looks great!! I love love love this bag.
  13. cool bag. IMO the little stam is not really that little. Your DH is so sweet. I would literally die if mine ever bought me a purse. He's so clueless in that regard.

    crap, I think I want one too.
  14. Can someone tell me the size of the baby stam? It looks to be the perfect size to me!!!
  15. yay, the baby stam!!! it looks great on you.
    i love it.