Little Black Dresses

  1. [​IMG]

    Known for her clean, minimal style, Jennifer Aniston puts her own spin on the strapless sheath in this sparkling Armani at a premiere in Sydney.

    Forget a conservative wrap – Rachel Bilson gives some edge to her sweet chiffon Dolce & Gabbana dress with her tough but trendy cropped leather jacket at a screening in New York.

    If you've got it, flaunt it! Mischa Barton gets the max out of her shimmering Bebe mini at the Teen Choice Awards in L.A.

    Diane Kruger (in Chloe) shows how to make long sleeves sexy – with a healthy dose of sequins and a high hemline at a fashion event in New York.

    Like a modern-day goddess, Jessica Biel gives the LBD the cold shoulder in her draped Miss Davenporte frock at an L.A. premiere.
  2. ooooooh, I adore the last one. One shoulder in black, just looks sooo gorgeous :smile:
  3. ^^ Yeah, the one shoulder is gorgeous!!
  4. Does anyone know who made that leather jacket rachel bilson is wearing? It looks like Mike & Chris but I haven't seen that style. Is it?
  5. Nevermind I FOUND it! It's mike & chris holiday '06. The Lloyd leather bolero. I need it...
  6. ^ steph you are too good!!

    Jennifer looks absolutely fabulous and I love Jessica's dress
  7. haha thanks jen. I'm really obsessing about that jacket now...sigh the price will be ridiculous and I already blew my christmas present on the Jesse leather jacket. Oh well. Anyway, was so preoccupied, I forgot to comment that Jennifer Aniston looks fantastic, as does Jessica, though I don't like one-shoulder dresses usually. Minor OCD about symmetry.
  8. I love Jennifer Anistion's minimal style. She always looks sleep and sophisticated.
  9. Loving Jennifer's dress..she always looks great! ;)
  10. Ooops...I meant SLEEK not sleep! hehehe
  11. jennifer's dress is reallly glam..:drool:
  12. Hmm...isn't diane kruger's dress tory burch?
  13. what bebe dress is mischa barton wearing? that looks adorable. i can't find it anywhere.
  14. I just got this one:
  15. i really like that one!