Little black dress

  1. Hi all. I have been looking for a little black dress for cocktail parties and i thought these two outfits were great. which one do u guys like more??


  2. VB's!!!!!! Hers is Viktor&Rolf Couture.
  3. U sure that's an unbias opinion?? or u are just saying that cuz u are a great fan of VB? :smile:
  4. I'm going with #2 because I don't care for strapless.
  5. #2 is elegant and the neckline is subtly sexy.
  6. I like Victoria's as well, it's more my style..
  7. I really like Victoria's dress, since it is more conservative and looks better on her figure (I always cringe when I see her wearing next to nothing). I think that kind of dress would flatter any kind of figure! And it's demurely sexy :yes:
  8. Another vote for #2
  9. ^Not 'cos I'm a fan of VB, but it just looks far more couture-ish.
  10. I think the first one is more wearable. I like both though.