Little Black Dress Situation

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  1. Dec. 5th I have a Band concert. I know I need a simple black dress and black shoes, and I'm a bit on the tubby side so I know a babydoll or empire waist is best for me. I also have a budget because that might be the only time I'll get to wear that outfit. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. I would suggest Forever21 if you are looking for something nice and not too expensive. Here is my pick:


    Studded Satin Dress - $29.80
  3. I would say not a babydoll for your bodytype.
    Def. an empire waist!! One that nips you at your smallest point.
    There is a great book out by What Not to Wear hosts Stacey and Clinton, I highly recommed checking it out. The dresses suggested above may make you look like a rectangle?? I think you can't go wrong with anything that accentuates your waist or gives you a waist. Good luck!
  4. Wow, you both posted two cute dresses! They also will look beautiful with a pashmina in my opinion! :smile:
    Good luck for the concert! :smile: