Little Black Dress & Cashmere Shawl

  1. I'm in search of a little black dress and assuming that I'm successful (keyword: ASSUMING), I would love to get a nice Hermes cashmere shawl to go along with it since I'm always cold. Which pattern and color would you ladies recommend?

    I'm probably not going to get the dress any time soon, since I have other obligations to attend to first but it will be one of the first things I get when all the mess is over (stolen wallet, family emergencies, sister stuff, etc) since a little black dress is a bit of a necessity.
  2. I think this cashmere shawl will look fab. It's from

  3. Kou, how about a fuchsia Rocabar wool shawl?
  4. Wooo!! That is pretty!!!:love:
  5. Which one is that? Fuchsiaaaaa ... *drools* I'm on Hermes withdrawal again ...
  6. Kou - it's hard to explain! hehe Just go to Hermes and ask to see the Rocabar shawls. They are extremely fine wool and very lightweight.
  7. I like the red againt a black dress. What bag will you use?
  8. I really like La Van's mousseline shawl and would think it would be perfect with a LBD. Although sheer, I would think that it would keep out some of the cold. :heart:
  9. :smile: I think anything in a bright color would be great!! Why don't you stop at the Hermes door so you feel better with all your stresses?
  10. Many thanks!

    Kou - That's true, mousseline shawls are an alternative for less chilly days.
  11. Thank you ladies, keep them coming! I'm writing them all down. I am feeling a huge shopping splurge coming in January.