Little Black Cardigan

  1. Anyone know where I could get a cute little (not cropped!) black cardigan online for $50 or less in an XXS or XS?

    Or cute cardigans in general. :smile:
  2. Try

    They have perfectly respectable basic cardigans in sizes than run laughably, or heartbreakingly, small, depending on your size, budget, and how many of them you may have put in the dryer because you missed a previous post of mine on the subject.

    Anyway, if it happens that you see one there you like, get a size larger than you think you should get, even if you don't plan to put it in the dryer, UNLESS they happen to have any of those big fluffchunker angora blends with the single button left, and in black, in which case get your regular size, since those are the exception, but most of their cardigans, in my experience, run, I repeat for emphasis, Small with a capital S!
  3. Yay! The site looks great! Thanks so much.
  4. I usually go to Banana Republic or J. Crew for cardigans. They may be slightly more expensive ($58-$68), but they come in an assortment of colors and are great quality. Check them out online!
  5. laredoute is great!
    i got a nice black cardigan in old navy not so long ago and it was only $30
  6. I've gotten a few at Ann Taylor Loft for about $50. If you sign up on their e-mail list you'll received a bunch of couples for 15-20% off. Quality is similar to Ann Taylor.

    Also check out New York and Company. They have some. They usually run abour $30. it's usually arcrillic (sp?), cotton, rayon, or another cheap material but they have always held up well for me. If you get on their mailing lists you'll get a lot of $30 off or 25% off coupons. They have an XS size but I find they run a little big.

    IMO I don't buy any silk, cashmere, or rayon blend knitwear at Banana Republic anymore because I had several things pill withing a few wearings with these fabrics.
  7. With knitwear anymore, I just buy the cheapest pieces available because they never last more than a season anyway. I've had BR and J Crew and while their knits are finer and maybe a bit more refined looking, they start to look worn and pilled just as quickly as any other brand. I've had a lot of luck at Target with black cardigans - just be sure that the cardi is a true black and not that sort of cheap greenish-black. The Gap sometimes has nice cardigans on sale too, though it's getting more hit or miss there. Ann Taylor Loft has nice pieces, but be aware that they go on sale CONSTANTLY. If you find a piece you like now it's guaranteed to be on sale in a month. I never buy full price there anymore.
  8. my jcrew black 100% merino wool cardigan has lasted me 10 years. although, i must say, the quality of their wools were generally better than nowadays.
  9. I just bought one from Banana Republic for $34.99 from $68.
  10. Yay! Thank you! I'm hard at working putting together my fall wardrobe.