Little bits of orange info thread

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  1. Have you learned anything interesting that you can share? Even if it is only buzz?

    My store is way out west.
    So, as in the pioneer days, it probably gets new items and information pretty late.

    But...this is what was new....and perhaps not so new.

    :confused1: I was told the clarisse is being discontinued.

    :yes:There is a new, teeny weeny azap for coins. Smaller than a soda cracker.

    :tup:Not sure if these are new, but I was shown, in addition to the 24 coin purse, a 48, and 72.

    :yes:Something new at my store....the massai in swift... and in this case, rose dragee

    :tup:A new tote-- the strap bag. Same sizes as the GP, not as wide on the bottom, with a very cute strap along the front that you knot.

    thats all i can remember....
    Oh, we finally got the new ribbon!
  2. Holy smokes - the clarisse is gonna be discontinued?! I guess I better grab one while I can then.. I've had my eye on it for a while!

    Thanks for the info, CB! :tup:
  3. Fab info, thank you! Love the tote news, anyone have pictures?
  4. Good idea for a thread, CB. :smile:

    Sounds cute. :smile:
  5. Cobalt.....about the 48 and 72 coin purses. Are they shaped just like the 24????:smile:
  6. I saw a bag at the Dallas boutique this weekend...I've never seen before. It was a small bucket, unlined, with holes all around (scarf woven through) with a rope handle. (that was long enough for a short shoulder style) Don't know the name, the SA didn't either, but, it was a cute casual bag.
  7. Sac Mangeoire. Looks like they're bringing back this design.
  8. I think there's a picture floating around if you do a search for the Sac a Petite Ceinture. My apologies to the French for butchering your language.
  9. ^^ yes, I've seen that holey bucket before, but I can't recall its name. It comes with a drawstring pouch inside, if I remember correctly.
  10. I heard that the extra hoops that hold the shoulder strap on the Kelly might be discontinued. Have you heard this too or is it a rumour?
  11. Interesting news - thanks!

  12. YUP!!! The 72 is a teeny bit bigger with three compartments, and the 48 is two 24s back to back!! The 72 fits folded bills perfectlly in the back two compartments, with room for coins!! I love it. I have pennies in the front, silver coins in the middle, and bills in the back. The 24 and 48 are a wee wee bit too small for bills, they pop up when you open it... I posted pics in my honolulu haul thread, I will try to remember to move pics to the small leather goods, too!
  13. Yep, they are. I saw a barenia one. It was very cute. But, you know, not really something I would use.
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