Little bit of everything, Please see

  1. Hello everyone, I am pleased to introduce to you my modest collections.
    #1: Damier Speedy 30, Nolita, Epi Pochette, Vernis Rosewood avenue Pomme d'amour, Mono Polermo PM, Damier Pocchette

    #2 Marc Jacobs : Venetia( purple/eggplant), Ivory( don't remember the name), Small Quilted Ursula Black, Large Quilted Irina in Truffle

    #3 Fendi, brown zuca, black and B bag canvas medium

    #4 Chanel Mademoiselle

    #5 Gucci Hobo horsebit and Abbey medium

    #6 Chloe Betty Silver Chain

    #7 Balenciaga Part Time 2007 Mogano(mahogani)
  2. Loves it. Like you said, a lil bit of everything :smile:
  3. very nice diverse collection :smile:
  4. Love your LV family
  5. very nice! I esp. love your Damiers and your brown Fendi!
  6. Nice... :smile:
  7. love your collection!!:tup:
  8. You have a great collection, the Venetia looks so gorgeous!
  9. Very nice collection!!! Love the Bal bag!!!
  10. Love your collection...
  11. Ooh very well rounded collection! Lovely!
  12. beautiful bags!
  13. Great all round collection :tup:
    Love your vernis rosewood and your MJ venetia in eggplant, that colour really stands out. I want an egg plant coloured bag too!!! :p
  14. Love the diversity
  15. great collection!