little bit disappoint.. i received the wrong bag..


Feb 4, 2006
Hong Kong
well.. not completely all wrong.. the person who trade with me has 2 bag of the same style and let me choose. I picked the one which on average.. the vachetta is darker... but no major spot or stain..

while the other one looks more new but has a few major stain.. then .. today I received the bag.. I am a bit disappointed.. The other bag I received is much smaller than what i expect but anyway maybe i am not reading carefully.

but back to the vachetta... she sent me the one with a few major stain... now.. it is the problem. since i am leaving soon , not sure will that be sufficient time frame for me to return the bag and get another one on time and she might already sell the other one to another buyer...

what can i do in this case? I havent contact the seller yet cos I want to think of a solution to suggest..