Little bang and sample pics

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  1. OMG! I just got my sample stuff and they are almost flawless! I am thrilled. The moonbeam Lolita($104) Has a very small slight discoloration on one of the ruffles and I had to look twice to even find it. The Clara flap,BB ($179) is perfect. It said it had a tarnished part of the lock and it's not even tarnished. It just is not as shiny as the other side , but it's only the little piece that you push to open it.Anyway, here are some pics. Feel free to post your own too!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Beautiful bags, congrats!
  4. wOW!!! i was scared of colorblock HH bags but i really like yours!! the ginger and blueberry are gorgeous next to each other..i love the brandy and lagoon! it's like, all the yummy flavors for HH right now, mixed into one bag :biggrin: i wish my origami had fun lining like yours!
    moonbeam is such a pretty name :smile: and this bag looks so delicate and feminine with the color and ruffles! i have a few dings on my anthracite but the shade/color shifts so much in light so it's barely noticeable and i bet the imperfection would be barely noticeable,too!
  5. I love the irridescent glow of the moonbeam. So pretty! The blueberry is fab too; so unique in that colourblock. Congrats on your sample scores! :nuts:
  6. Thanks Toni, Pgtea, and merrygold. I was so excited I had to share some pics. I was totally expecting the worst in these sample bags, but luckily I was surprised!
  7. Congrats on two beautiful bags! The moonbeam Lolita looks so light, soft and pretty!
  8. HOLY CRAP!! I am so jealous but happy for you about that moonbeam LOLITA!!
    That was my must have HH this summer and I never took the plunge.. what an AMAZING SCORE NIKKI!!
    Good for you, my friend!!!
    (Cute Clara too?)
    Now where are the modeling pics Miss Hottie?
  9. Nikki these bags look great!!! I have the mb lolita too and always get compliments. :biggrin: yay! Also, you did a great job photographing the MB. I think it's hard to take good pics of. I also got my stuff today - bedford messenger - perfect, mb circe coin purse - definitely scratched per description, but now I'm not afraid to use it, and it was only $15 (score!), beatrice, can tell it was out in the showroom, some dirt on fabric, but overall great condition, I think it will clean up. Gotta get some pics. Thanks for starting this thread!!!!
  10. Wow, never thought I'd like the Lolita but it looks realllly awesome in MB, nice score!
  11. Sample Zee Tote in Brandy
  12. OOOOOO congrats!!!
  13. Gorgeous pics, chicas!! Congrats!
  14. Woohoo! Beauties. Congrats, Nikki and Cho! :woohoo:
  15. You got a great deal on the tote too ,Cho! It is so nice of you to gift HH. Thanks for the compliments ladies , Leo ,Kai, Tyger, dream, joy and Cho!