Little bag pics across top of site

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  1. Hello! I love this blog and forum! :love:

    You know those little rotating bag pics you have across the front page of the Purse Blog? Well, sometimes I see one I really like but they don't tell me what they are:sad: Is there any way you could make them a link to a little window that tells a little info on them? Usually I can at least tell the designer but sometimes I am unable to guess.

    Just an idea! :idea:
  2. I'll make sure Vlad sees this!! Maybe he can figure out how to do that somehow ok? If not, you can always try to copy the picture and send it to Vlad or I to see what it is-- we should know!! Welcome to the forum!!
  3. Hmm never thought about it. There is 150 random bags rotating on top so far, adding the info to all of them would be mighty tedious. As Megs suggested, you can save the picture and email me (vlad[at] and I'll let you know what it is.
  4. Oh and how rude of me...

    Welcome to the PF!
  5. The same thing has happened to me - I've really liked a bag and wondered what it was.

    If you don't want to individually label each bag, or link each bag to information - you can make just one page called a "purse key" that lists each bag along with their picture. That way the information will be all on one easy to link to page, and people can get their answer there instead of having to email you each time.
  6. I figured that it might be a little too much to do little links. Didn't realize there were so many! Thanks - I will email next time if I want to know about one of those. At first I thought they were related to the ad links below them. I would go to that site and look for them before I realized they were seperate and random.:embarasse
  7. From now on when we ad bags- we will make sure to save the name, etc, so that we can put up a page (like Chemlex suggested) for you to see the bag! We update the rotating bags frequently so we will make sure to do that from now on! :embarasse

    Other than that, if you see one you really like, email it to vlad or I! Hope this helps some!!
  8. hehe I've seen some of them I was wondering about to :smile:
  9. :P Thanks!!
    I must say that you guys have one of the most welcoming and pleasant forums I've ever been on!
  10. I'm glad you like it! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feedback let either Vlad or I know!! Hope you enjoy the forums!! :biggrin:
  11. We're keeping our members on tight and short leashes, they behave... ;)