Little bag charms........

  1. You know those little bag charms you can buy for a charm bracelet? The little Bolide, Kelly, Birkin, Evelyne......

    Do you think those can work as a bag charm like the cadenas?

    And if so, how can they be hung from the bag? :shrugs:
  2. They are so darn cute!!! I don't know the answer, but I will love to read.
  3. They are very cute indeed. I too would like to know how versatile they are. They cost more than a cadena though.

    When I got my bracelet with all the H bag charms (see attached pic), my SA said my bracelet is a better buy because each of the bag charm sold separately would be more expensive.
  4. Oh, I love those. I must have the kelly one!
  5. Oh MAN!!!! That bracelet is TDF, S. SO dang CUTE!!!!!
  6. I love those silver bag charms!:love: And that bracelet! I have no idea how you could hang them from your bag though...:shrugs:
  7. Are the charms on the bracelet the same size as the ones sold individually?
  8. I love the bag charm bracelet :love:! How long is it, MrsS? Are they still in production?
  9. Oh that is just beautiful mrss!!! I want one!! Did it come with all the charms on already or do you add them? Do I want to know how much??!!!
  10. there was one in the madison ave jewelry department last week. :yes:
  11. Mrssparkles.. I love your bracelet!!! I must add it to my want list!!
  12. that is lovely and how quickly will the one at madison avenue be sold. I need to call.
  13. I want to hear too. Does the charm bracelet come with all the handbag charms, so do you buy seperately? So cute!!! OMG!
  14. 212-751-3181. :yes:
  15. You could hang them from one of the sterling keychain loops - next to the heart or pumpkin, raspberry, shamrock, whatever you have. Only works with palladium, though.