little angry with chloe

  1. I called the Chloe boutique in New York to ask them where the kerala bags are made. They told me that they are all made in Italy and if a bag is not made in Italy there could be a possibility that the bag is not authentic. I thought that is wired, because I read that some Chloe bags are made in Romania, Moldavia ect. So, I called the boutique in Paris and they told me exactly the same thing. After few minutes of a discussion, the shop lady finally agreed to actually have a look inside the kerala bag. And then she whispered..ahh yeah, actually it is made in Italy..but also in Moldavia.
    I have been asking myself if they do that on purpose to give the wrong info to people?? Or if they have just no clue about the bags.
  2. I think most SA's (for all brands) are clueless. I trust TPF members way more than SA's.
  3. Zizzli...
    I had the same question in June when I was contemplating purchasing the Kerala tote in metallic from Saks...the Kerala bag I purchased from Saks in Virginia seemed to have no tag or country of origin but I noticed a possible contradiction on their website saying the bags were made in Italy. When a friend of mine expressed interest in being bag twins, curiosity got the best of me.

    I called Chloe NY in attempting to locate the bag for her as Saks had sold out. Of course, I asked where those particular bags were made but the Chloe employee claimed to have never even heard of a Kerala Bag!!! When I explained it was the style with the charms, she said the Chloe stores don't ever carry those bags. That made sense because many brands only make certain styles for their "vendors."

    This fall, my hubby was in Saks NY buying me a patent bag, & chatting it up with a new "Chloe Specialist"...he noticed the bags he was choosing from all said made in Italy so he asked her about the Kerala being made elsewhere...she said emphatically all bags were made in Italy...but then did do a bit of a turn around saying it's possible some older random style might have been produced elsewhere but that their standard is to produce bags in Italy.

    So who knows??? Has anyone noticed the new bags say they are being made in France? I thought that was interesting!!

    The Chloe store employees seem very clueless at times :sad: but the handbag specialists at various department stores are very helpful & knowledgeable!

  4. Sad but true, even from a Chloe SA???:jammin:
  5. Agree, sometimes I'm amazed at how little some SA's know about the bags they are selling. I would think the more you know, the more you sell. Once you find a great SA, stick to her like glue!!
  6. Yep, SAs are often clueless and it's not limited to Chloe!

    I've had a bad experience at Dior where the SA was really quite rude to me about the authenticity of my bag when i'd actually bought that bag AT THAT SHOP. She kept asking me where I'd bought it and saying that she'd never seen that colour before in that fake-friendly "I'm trying to catch you out" way. I was thinking, "jeez, if you can't tell a fake from an authentic, why the hell are you working here?!"

    When i worked in retail, I worked with this crazy, funny guy who used to make up the most amazing stories about the products. A customer once enquired about a brand of cookware and where it was made and he raved on and on about how the best cookware comes from Spain where the original "stainless steel mines" are. He even said "If you ever hear that stainless steel is mined anywhere else, it's a lie, because they'll have other compounds added. Only Spanish stainless steel is mined in pure form." :push:

  7. :lol:
  8. That's hysterical i_wona!!!
  9. ^^ I know! The poor lady he was serving, though... I often think about her talking to her friends at a dinner party or something (or worse, talking to another SA in the cookware section of a dept store) and going on about the integrity of stainless steel from the Spanish mines :rolleyes:
  10. That is so hilarious!!! It's scary though, how dense some people are....absolutely NO sense at all. You wonder what they were doing when they went to school... (and I mean elementary school!) sleeping? Do these people ever READ anything? Or are they just going through life oblivious? :sweatdrop:
  11. Thanks a lot for ur answers ladies. I already feel better:smile:
    But how can I be sure if I go to a chloe boutique to get a bag authenticated, that they will be honest? If they already messing around with where it is made, maybe they even mess around with the authenticity and tell you that you have a fake, even when you have a real one??
  12. ok that is SCARY. I mean, as a SA the least you should know is product info!

    We pay a LOT for these bags and i for one expect better! ok, climbing off my high horse now ... :cursing: