Little Angel Sophie needs your vote

  1. Hi, I haven't posted in this section of tPF before but thought maybe you guys can help. I belong to a Maltese forum and one of our members recently had to euthanize her darling Sophie to due end-stage mammary cancer. She got Sophie as a rescue.

    Before Sophie went to the Rainbow Bridge, her mom entered her in this photo contest but Sophie went to the Bridge before it was over. It ends today at midnight.

    Sophie had been winning by a lot but it appears that some people are giving her a 1 vote as her percentage total keeps going down instead of up even though all of us on the Maltese forum are giving her a 10.:confused1:

    SOooo, I am asking if you would please click this link and vote a 10 for sweet angel Sophie. You can vote twice in one session and vote 5 sessions per day. So after your first vote hit the back button and you can vote one more time. And a little while later it will take your vote again.

    It would be very much appreciated and would so perk her mom up if she would win. Thank you! :flowers:
  2. i tried to do a second session, but it keeps telling me i've already voted for that photo.
  3. Oh, thanks so much for voting though. Sometimes you have to wait a few hours between sessions. It is very flukey. There seems to be no consistency in when we can vote! Thanks again!!! :flowers:
  4. I voted twice :yes:
  5. Little Sophies got my vote :tup:
  6. I voted twice. She's adorable! So sorry to hear about your friend's loss :sad: