Little addition from Sale & about a phone call....!!

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  1. I didn't buy anything at the Bicester meet ;) no fancy Bays left - and because of knowing this little second Sale order is coming along... Limited seasonal use perhaps but for me it's perfect amount of marine theme! Love the silver h/w irl :yahoo:


    But more importantly, I had a phone call from local charity shop lady - after I read some tPFer's luck, whilst donating DD's old clothes & buying some cards I chatted to a lady in the shop and showed her Mulberry tree & logos on h/w and asked her to let me know if any of these ever come in - really ages ago though.

    She said two of those look alike labels/marks came in today - one is transparant with pictures on & the other is 'rather old leather with two pockets'!! I'm going tomorrow to see them - could be false alarm but I'm happy to donate extra if they are genuine!! Watch this space ladies....:graucho:
  2. Cute bag ... I saw that the other day. Looks great on you!

    How exciting re the other bags ... fingers crossed!!
  3. Lovely your riviera look Ratrat, it's very chic.

    Interested to hear what Mulberry gems you might have unearthed at the charity shop. Ali-B nearly keeled over when I told her I'd spotted a black Hermes Evelyn for £85 in one in Cirencester!
  4. I think sometimes these shops have no idea what they have.
    I bought a cute little red bag the other day and saw a beat up oak Alana at the weekend at the same shop!
  5. Lovely new bag ratrat! And how exciting about the possible other bags! Are you thinking Roxanne/Rosemary???
  6. Oh great bag ratrat and the Charity Shop thing sounds VERY Interesting. Do let us know what they turn out to be and I really hope you find a bargain!

    and yeah SJ - you SHOULD have got that Evelyne!
  7. Lovely bag and how exciting! Look forward to hearing the update ratrat.
  8. Ooh I wasn't keen on the ticking denim until I saw your pic, it looks very nice on that small bag though! And good luck with the charity shop, hope you find a hidden gem or two!
  9. Very glam Ratrat !
  10. So pretty!

    ..........and what fun!
  11. Omg, how EVER will you sleep tonight... I'd be too excited at the prospect of a bargain! How exciting, I heart charity shops - I've unearthed many a gem over the years. Good luck with that!
    And...totally cute bag, perfect for summer! :biggrin:
  12. grat bag, how exating with the charityshop. You must tell us all about it later
  13. Super cute bag, ratrat! The possible Mulberry gems at the charity shop are certainly worth looking forward to. Can't wait to hear what they are!
  14. I love that bag. saw it on website and thought it looked cute. Good luck with other 2 bags, hope you get a great find.
  15. Thanks everybody for kind comment on photo - and yes I tried to push the lady to wait for me tonight but no, she has important bridge party apparently... (not more important than possible Mulberry bag! I screamed in my head).