Litigatrix's Modest Collection

  1. well--here it is! the only question is do i keep the red moncler spy, the black moncler spy, both, or neither? opinions?

    first, my B fendis
    brownB1.jpg brownB2.jpg canvas&patent.jpg canvas&patent2.jpg silverBshoes.jpg
  2. the spys
    blackmoncler1.jpg redmoncler2.jpg redmoncler.jpg
  3. some shoes
    blackfendi.jpg brownshoes1.jpg
  4. and a couple non-fendi items for good measure
    lambertson.jpg bottega3.jpg bottega1.jpg bottegashoes.jpg
  5. A beautiful collection Litigatrix. The shoes...all of them...are jaw droppers :nuts: . The Bottega Bag is gorgeous, I have a few of them, but nothing like your black one by any stretch. Congrats on the amazing collection !:wlae: :yahoo:

    PS: Have never seen the monclers IRL, so can't help on the big decision...:yes:
  6. [​IMG]

    OMG!!!!! :wtf: Shoot me now!!! Please, please, put out of my misery!!! :shocked:
  7. Before looking at the pics I was going to tell you to keep the black moncler, but DAMN! this looks hot!


    Also, I was fixin to get rid of both my Fendi B east/wests, and I swear seeing you wear yours I'm keeping at least one of mine:nuts: .

    thanks for posting the pics. Fabulous eye candy. you wear them all so well.
  8. Oh! You're so cute!!! I love the outfit for the Fendi and the white/black B-Bag! Absolutely adorable!!!
  9. Heheh.. they are pretty fab. A woman on the street complimented me on them the other day and then kept muttering to herself about my shoes long after I had begun to walk away. Now I just need the silver B bag to go with them!
  10. Thanks!
  11. OMG love them shoes they are out of this world.

    Collection is lovely
  12. the moncler is adorable.
  13. Litigatrix, I love them all, they are all gorgegus, and you look fabulous in them.....congrats!!! Definitely all keepers!
  14. Definitely keep all of them.:wlae:
  15. Great collection! I love your shoes!