listrikmu's humble but much loved collection....

  1. Hello ladies. I :heart: :heart: :heart: this forum. It's assisted me in making much of my handbag purchases. Thanks Megs & Vlad & all the PFers!
    Anyway here's my modest collection.. its small..but I think its a good platform for a handbag collection. & I love them all!:yahoo:

    1st pic (clockwise)- Botkier Trigger Luxe (Large) in gold, LV Damier Speedy 30, LV epi pochette in black, Coach Gallery Tote in black (& a Coach goldfish keychain!)

    2nd pic (clockwise)- Fendi makeup pouch in green, Coach mimi-wristlet (signature patchwork w suede & python), Coach mini-skinny in patent leather (brown?), Coach goldfish charm/keychain, Coach optique tie-dye french purse in pink
    Botkier LV Coach_family.jpg Fendi Coach_slg.jpg
  2. i love your damier speedy..thanks for sharing and welcome to TPF!
  3. Awww com'on... you're being modest here... where's your paddington???!!! How could you have forgotten to include that?:noggin:

  4. Lovely collection ! :yes:
  5. Nice!! Im sure we'll witness the purchase of many many new handbags :smile:
  6. Lovely thanks for sharing:flowers:
  7. Thanks all for the lovely comments :heart: ...
    ALLVy: Yeah...ekekekeke... hmmmm...why didn't I eh?Ok update of pics perhaps...after maybe say 12 Dec...when a new 'sis' joins in the family!
  8. lovely collection! thanks for sharing
  9. Great collection!
  10. Thanks for sharing!
  11. very nice
  12. Lovely :smile: thanks for sharing!
  13. Love the lv´s!!
  14. I love your bags. thanks for sharing with us.
  15. Very nice collection, esp. the Speedy and the Botkier- it's TDF!!