Listings slow to appear?

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  1. Is this the norm?

    I listed two items 3 hours ago and they are not showing up in the gallery yet. It didn't take this long in the past... I last listed over a year ago.
  2. Oh yes... and it drives me CRAZY! Sometimes my bags take more than 8 hours to appear.

    I feel it's a ripoff because I want my listings to get as much exposure as possible.
  3. My gosh, that doesn't seem right does it? I mean, the counter is already counting down as soon as I submit the listing. They should change it to count down once the listing is actually visible to members. I even waited to submit b/c I didn't want to pay to schedule a listing...
  4. Last week when I listed my two allotted designer items, it took almost 8 hours for them to appear. There is a big delay with designer items now...which isn't fair, really since the clock begins when you list. Also, they are limiting how many items you can list at one time, three weeks ago I was able to list 6, last week I could only list 2. Tomorrow I am taking advantage of the $0.20 fee scale to list a few more items (hopefully more than 2). Good luck, you should see them shortly.
  5. Yes, this happens to me too. =( I usually list my things in the evening when most people are looking online. But they don't show up until the middle of the night at 4am!! (yes, i'm up at that time, and i've checked lol)

    So my listings actually get one night less of exposure. Its annoying but I guess there is nothing we can do about it. I'm throught with fleabay for now tho. Until they lower their ridiculous fees!
  6. If you use auctiva, and you have other items already listed, your items that eBay "delays" show up in your auctiva store window as soon as you list them.
  7. It's not unusual for some items to take 24 hours to show!!!
  8. When you list your item you get a message saying your items may not appear in search results for some time. Its usually high end designer thing with the most delay in my experience. I asked an eBay agent on the phone recently and he explained that they are 'filtered'. I asked what for, he said ' fakes etc'. I told him the system is not working because there are fakes everywhere anyway....haha
  9. ^^^ Never a truer word spoken!!
  10. Yes mooks and the agent said to me ' really are there fakes on eBay? '
  11. Nooooo!! Are eBay employees really that daft or is it just toeing the party line.....
  12. They are really that daft:wacko:
  13. :roflmfao:
  14. The longest I have waited was about 48 hours... boy did eBay get a barrage of emails from me for those 2 days!
  15. ^^^ What's worse is that they think putting that disclaimer when you list lets them off the hook!! Drives me round the twist