listing Sunglasses on ebay at this time of year?

  1. Guys is it worth listing Sunglasses on eBay at this time of year?
    I have some Stunning Chanel And Louis Vuitton Pairs But ideally I would keep them until the times right before selling them as they are dearly loved:heart:
    what do you guys reckon?
    Thanks :wlae:
  2. I often wonder that, here in Florida it is hot and sunny mostly year round. Funny thing is, the stores don't take this into account and some things are hard to shorts. It can be 80 degrees (like today) and you can't find any shorts in the store, so I look for them on eBay.

    I am curious to see what others have to say....I have shorts I need to sell:p
  3. I just sold a pair of sunglasses on eBay... just put them in your store if you have one, only costs $0.11/month per listing.

  4. I agree! I'm going to Hawaii in a few weeks and can't find any shorts in the stores (even though I live in Florida!) so I have to go on ebay to get them.
  5. Yes, I think you should. I am in the process of looking for a pair 'for' my trip to Florida.
  6. I live in Los Angeles and even in winter its fairly sunny. I still use my sunglasses on a fairly regular basis. I think its worth a try to list them.
  7. Like the OP I am in the UK so no need for sunglasses at all for the next 6mths! But I have a pair of Chanel sunglasses i want to sell now for the money.

    But would you buy sunglasses from an international seller?
  8. DEFINITELY worth it! We always need them here in Hawaii (okay, except maybe this week, we've had storms, floods and endless blackouts). Also, Australia is in summer right now.:tup:
  9. I live in WI and still use sunglasses all winter. The snow makes it so bright! I agree that it's one of those annoying things you can't find in winter (like shorts...except that I obviously don't need shorts:rolleyes:) so I think it's worth putting them up.

    Oh, you get the people going on vacation over winter break, too.
  10. OP this was a really good question, I am glad you asked!
  11. Talking of shorts I put some brand new Timberland shorts up a few weeks ago cost £48.00- $100 a pair new and i ahd them at 99p - my bf has put on weight so they are no good! Not one bid!!!!

    I know its winter here in the Uk thought they may have sold internationally!
  12. yes, i would go ahead and list them, especially chanel and lv. I think they would sell well.