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  1. Im sooooooooooooooooooo sad, I just had a listing restriction put on my account so I listed the item without brand name, it still cost me a fortune, Then I tried to Edit and put the Brand name in and it wont let me , OMG It will not sell :sad: I feel like crying, what should I do ??
  2. Oh no! Were you able to sell before???? I am scared too...I need to list 3 bags this weekend....I had them lift a restriction before, so I hope they don't re-impose one!!! So sorry Steve!!

    My recommendation is emailing the customer service department immediately (don't bother with live help) and explaining everything and demanding they lift restrictions or refund your money!
  3. OMG yes, its so annoying. I hope this doesnt happen to you too. I have not listed this item before but I listed two Louis Vuitton items today fine, but now I have a listing restriction on my account, Im such an idiot thinking I could work round it, now I paid a huge listing fee and this Louis Vuitton wont sell :cursing:

    I just used live help (before your post) they said to e-mail trust and safety so ive done this. Im annoyed because I listed items perfectly fine today and now this and there are TONS of fakes on why me ??. LOL :flowers:
  4. Hi Socialite, so sorry this has happened to you. I was listing a bag on eBay and ran into the same problem you did. I tried Live Help, which directed me to email Trust and Safety through the "Contact Us" web page for clarification. I received a response within 2 days with the limit lifted. So my listing title does contain the brand name now. Hope this works for for you!!
  5. Wow that is good news, Ive never heard of ebay being helpful before LOL :p. I hope the same happens to me, I told them in my e-mail that I would never sell fake. Im just so stressted because it took me 40mins to make the listing :cursing:
  6. ^Yeah... I know your pain. I had created the listing peppered with pictures and hit "list" and got that message about there's a limit on my account and I cannot list. But your listing should be saved and you can post it once the limit has been lifted. On the automated email I received after submitting my request, it stated they will respond within 24-72 hours. Good luck!!
  7. Thanks for your advice, hopefully it will be sorted soon :flowers:
  8. Oh, that sucks!

    I hope you can get them to lift the restriction & be able to list it for what it is.

    Those sellers that list fakes are ruining eBay.
  9. Sorry that this happened to you, think there is another thread from last week floating around on this section regarding restrictions. I, as a PowerSeller even have a restriction on my account and had all positives (until this week) and I can only list so many from their "copyright watched list." Some of the words that are flagged are Louis Vuitton, Coach, Gucci, Abercrombie (yes, the clothier), and a few others... if any of those names are ANYWHERE in the title or description it will be caught by an automated program that Ebay is using now to catch these. Sadly, respectable and decent sellers are getting nailed by the net that these cons are supposed to be caught by. I can list like 1 or 2 every 4-7 days yet, if I have them going and find a mistake, you can forget any kind of revision... it will NOT allow you to do them as Ebay has found ppl doing what you tried to do.

    I had this out with Power Seller support, Live Help, and the Trust and Safety people. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they more than likely will not lift this restriction as right now due to seller's and the holiday's I was told by one person on the phone @ Ebay, they are trying to be more vigilant than ever.
  10. Shopstomuch, thanks for all your advice, I totally get what you mean, its so annoying for us decent sellers who are just trying to earn extra cash for bags. Its not like Im running a Huge empire, I have like five items on. :flowers:
  11. Listing restrictions really wind me up especially for Powersellers...I would remove the auction unless you had it on BIN/BO...potential buyers can still ask questions and that way you can explain what happened. Happy to ask a question on your auction if you want. :smile:
  12. UPDATE - I got an e-mail from a nice lady on trust and safety and she said that she was sorry about all of this.

    ...SO I went to revise again just to try it out and it let me revise the title but nothing else, RESULT LOL :p

    ...but I still have a listing restriction :sad:
  13. Oh...the land of ebay confusion. I don't use ebay anymore because its just too confusing for me. Hope all of this works out.
  14. I got a restriction too, about a month ago, when I sold a lot of Coach stuff at once. It was REALLY annoying. The restriction is gone now, but I didn't understand why they did it!