Listing removed :(

  1. Well, trying to make extra money but such a challenge. I found a suit jacket in my sons closet that doesn't fit him and it was in perfect condition. I listed it on eBay, had some bids with 2 days left of auction. I just got email it was removed because in title I put "like new"! I'm ticked. I just cannot seem to get ahead as far as money! I'm afraid to relist it with that word "like" taken out.:cursing:
  2. try again and describe it as "used good condition".
    good luck & do not give up:smile:
  3. You don't think they'll put it again, right?
  4. You are not allowed to use LIKE NEW in the title. You can use that in the description and can even put that in the condition spot- where you choose New-with tag or New- Without tag or OTHER. Choose other and put LIKE NEW. I use EUC in the title instead (Excellent Used Condition)
  5. Listing it 'like new' means you are words spamming as it is used. I always put Fab condition!