Listing removed?

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  1. Hi all,

    eBay removed my listing of my Fendi Spy bag. They didn't even tell me why or that they had removed it. It was just GONE. So i wrote to live help and they said it was removed and that i would need to write an e-mail to eBay. I did this yesterday but they still havn't replied!!

    I am so annoyed. I live in Australia and on there are approx 5 fendi spys and they are ALL fake. I don't understand why mine was removed when mine is quite obviously real.

    I posted all the right photos and i had noticed it was authenticated on this forum, which by the way they gave it the all clear!!

    How do listings get removed? Did someone have to write to ebay and say it was a fake?

    I am just so annoyed. So how am i supposed to sell my bag now? hrmmmm:tdown:
  2. Did you get an email from ebay, usually when they pull an auction they send an email listing what happened..
  3. No, they didn't thats why i wrote to live help to see what was going on. It was only then they told me...... "i'm sorry it looks as though your listing has been removed, you will need to email ebay directly on..... and they will be able to tell you why"

    Thats it. And the listing was pulled 2 days ago and i still havn't heard boo from ebay!
  4. Hm, wow, Ive never heard of this happeneing, perhaps their system is delayed.. did the live help man tell you why it was ended? Or just the regular trademark infringement thing?