Listing removed but authentic item...

  1. Basically yes. (any idiot can report a listing) That is the deal. ANYONE can report a fake and get it pulled. hopes that you won't get screwed for up to 90 days, you now have to be super nice to every wacko, weirdo who asks a question because you never know what they will do in retaliation. As in "Can I buy your $1K bag for $125? "NO..." "OK well then I will just report your listing as a fake." eBay is a nightmare these days.
    This IN ADDITION to LV/Chanel/ et al with their eBay spys checking ebay listings to randomly pull.
  2. ^Well, I knew that anyone could report a listing. I don't know why I was shocked for a second at the thought of ebay pulling it ONLY because someone reported it. They don't do research?

    I got a listing pulled once but was told immediatly that if I changed my title I could relist. I thought that was strange since there nothing wrong with my title at all.
  3. I too am wondering if spies/competitive types do that on here (have listings pulled for no good reason). I know there are thousands registered on tPF and they are not all good old gals talking about purses.:wtf:
  4. Hmmm I did some digging and I think I know why my auction was pulled even though my item was authentic... I came across this: Bebe Legal on Ebay.

    1. My title had the word "Faux" in it (as in "Faux Snakeskin" aka "not real snakeskin")... so even though Bebe used that word to describe the shoe on the package/shoebox... it's not ok for me to use it (the fine print says "Faux" is a trigger word and "unacceptable").

    2. I purchased the shoes from DSW... the DSW tag was visible in one of my auction photos. Even though DSW (legally) sells genuine Bebe brand shoes and the shoes are authentic... perhaps I shouldn't have posted the picture w/the DSW sticker?

    Sheesh... this legal mumbo-jumbo is crazy. I supplied Ebay with proof of authenticity and customer service said it didn't matter lol. I'm wondering if there is a page that lists the brands that are super sensative? It seems incredibly arbitrary.