Listing removed but authentic item...

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  1. and there were enough pics to show that it is authentic. I even had it authenticated here before I bought and after I received it!!!! I know that this is happening to a lot of sellers, but I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening...
  2. Tell me about it! Driving me crackers. What really get's me is I'm a genuine seller with all the paperwork, serial numbers, which I put on the listing and they STILL pull it. Then you see endless fakes which people are spending a fortune on. GGRRRRR :sad:
  3. Yep, me too. Loads of big pictures showing all the necessary points to show authenticity and usually a clear pic of the receipt too. Still had them pulled.

    Recently they pulled 6 at once, two of which were ended, paid for and ready to be shipped so I had to refund, and one that ended two weeks previously, buyer had paid for, received and had given me positive feedback!!!

    I don't know why but I take it so personally when it happens and I get so p*ssed off about it. And you will never get a proper reason from them why they have done it.

    Recently I've been getting paranoid and wondering if other sellers with competing items are reporting me to get rid of my auction :s I just cannot see why my authentic items with v. clear listings are getting pulled when I have been on ebay over 5 years with over 450 100% positive feedback as a buyer and seller equally.

    Sorry - think I was venting a bit there too!
  4. Purdy, I was thinking the same as you about other sellers too..... You never know?! Sounds like you've had a really bad time of it. I've tried everything to get an honest and clear answer from Ebay but they always seem to avoid answering my questions!!!! I posted below asking anyone if they had any ideas if there was anywhere else to sell genuine LV's but as yet no-one has replied. Guessing probably not :sad: I take it really personally too as I really am a genuine seller (l'm sure like yourself). Hate being beholdant to Ebay!!! Ok, my vent really over now :smile:
  5. You can try bonanzle/ecrater to sell, but you won't have *Bay protections (not that evilBay protects sellers, at all...)
  6. You could post 50 pictures that would prove authenticity, and it wouldn't make a difference because that's not among the criteria that fBay uses to pull listings. It blowZ.
  7. My listing was just pulled for violating ebay's authenticity policy

    I'm so confused, I received no other information other than a quick note... and the shoes in item plain old Bebe Electric Blue Faux Snakeskin Stiletto Pumps. I've sold other high-end designer items on ebay without a single peep... I post a pair of Bebe pumps and they get pulled for authenticity?! I'm having a very hard time understanding... can someone explain?!
    I am selling authentic Chanel 2.55 red and it got pulled of because somebody decide it is not real only because I did not reply fast on her mail and did not accept her bid .
    make me sick//
  9. So any idiot can report a listing and it will get pulled? They don't even review it?

    I'm trying so hard to sell things on bonanzle. Everything that I list on ebay, I list on bonanzle as well. So far, I haven't sold a thing on bonanzle.
  10. eBay has to figure it out.... I use to rely on eBay to buy and sell but now I am going through a consignment shop... much better. No headache for me and the buyer.
  11. it has happen ot me too..:tdown: what makes EBAY takes a item out?:confused1:
  12. They've done the exact same thing to me, but they've taken it one step further and suspended my account. No one at ebay can give you anything that comes close to a detailed explanation, and I was told I couldn't be informed why my listings were pulled for security reasons. I've sent so many emails to customer service they flat out stated they would no longer reply to them.

    I think I needed to vent a little, too, heh, but just know you're not at all alone.
  13. Again read karmen's post below:

    If you do a search here you will find many threads and posts regarding this issue.

  14. So, what is the criteria? Nobody is getting any answers from eBay on the topic, so if someone here knows the criteria, spill it... I am pissed that my listings get pulled as well. Oddly enough, they only get pulled when I mention something about them on this forum. I'm not suggesting anything, but it is mighty coincidental.
  15. That's terrible... use an online consignment store