listing & relisting & relisting times infinity

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  1. Just thought I'd see what collective insight everyone might have about sellers who never lower their price and continue to list the same item(s) over and over again. I'm particularly referring to sellers of high end clothing. I'm talking seasons old Marc Jacobs and Chloe pieces that are well over the $500.00 mark. to me, most handbags retain their high prices far beyond a season or two. But a 3 year old marc jacobs jacket? not so much.

    No one ever seems to buy these pieces. I certainly covet them and would certainly snap them up if they were priced reasonably. the relisting fees must be enormous for some of these sellers. am i missing something? what gives?
  2. I don't get it. It's a common practice amongst powersellers. You would think a time would come when one would decide it prudent to cut their losses. :confused1:
  3. Too bad you didn't see my Marc Jacobs jacket that still had the price tags on it, that I had listed for $9.99 to start. I always start everything I list, (when I do) for $9.99, I'm not a dept. store
  4. There's one particular shoe seller who does this and I just dread to think how much her eBay fees must be.....

    If things don't sell the first time I lower by say 20% and then relist again at the same price, after that everything goes to 99p
  5. I am always surprised too, yet when I watched one item in which I had a vague interest I saw it listed and relisted at the same (high) starting price over and over again until suddenly one day, it was sold at an exorbitant BIN price - I guess you only need one! Mind you, I don't have the patience nor the capacity to swallow unlimited listing fees, so this is not for me.
  6. i always wondered about this!
    i had my eye on these jimmy choos last yr around this time... i just bought them last week from the same seller for the same bin!
  7. I'm the total opposite- for the most part I start all my auctions at $1. In nearly every case the item gets bid up to or above ebay market price- I think auctions really benefit from the low begininng bidders who push up the price for higher bidders.
  8. ^^i agree about starting auctions lower- i think it generates interest in the item.

    Personally, if i see something relisted time and time again I often end up getting "over" it.

    I suppose all it does take is one buyer. but as a seller i think it would be annoying to have all that stuff lying around taking up space. Not to mention the huge fees for listing something time and time again.
  9. agree! i just saw a mj bag that still has it's seller's watermark on the images from 2006, they just barely lowered the starting price 10%...
  10. This is just me but I sell books (novels that I've read but that are in perfect condition) and other random things I have around like unworn shoes that my mom or I bought thinking we'd wear them and never did, etc.
    I usually list them starting out lower than retail (about $5-$20 depending on the item, nothing I sell is over even $100) and I normally have a lot of watchers. Sometimes if I see a lot of watchers, I'll lower the price by even a couple dollars more, but sometimes it brings in bids, sometimes it doesn't.
    For example, I have a pair of brand new better designer shoes up that were $88 retail not including tax...I have them listed for $35 and there still aren't any bids/watchers and only a day left. I don't know whether it's because the size isn't one that many people take but my view counter is at 38. So it's times like that that I wonder why there aren't any bids. :confused1:
    I know people want deals but I can't take TOO much of a loss, I sell things on ebay to try to make SOME of my money back since I can always use the money.

    Also, that reminds me..I had a lot of 3 books up once. Each book retailed for $13 in the bookstore and mine were brand new, only read once. I had them listed for $12 for the lot of 3, thinking the $27 savings would bring people in. Well some lady had the audacity to email me and ask if I'd set up a BIN for $6.99 for the lot of 3 books. Um no, that's where I draw the line. I'd rather keep them myself than take THAT much of a loss.

    But also as a buyer, I do get annoyed by seeing things up for such a high price when you KNOW they're not worth that much. For example, I've watched an LV red/creme pochette be relisted quite a few times now with a $699 BIN and the starting bid is of course, not meeting the reserve. That's much too expensive for that bag, if I was going to pay that much I'd rather get the Papillon instead.
  11. Well yes and no, I've had hit and miss success doing this. With high value items I think it makes some people nervous as to why you would sell this way
  12. ^^i suppose that is true as well. also, i've ended up missing items because the starting price is too low. when i search, i usually look at items starting at the highest price.
  13. I have several Chloe Handbags in my store. I may switch them over to an auction when there is a listing sale. Sooner or later, I am going to reduce the one and see what happens.

    It is just that when you calculate out the fees that ebay & PP get for a high end bag, it costs a fortune to list.

    I have mine on to automatically relist in my store every 30 days.
  14. Maybe it pays off in the end. I was watching a diamond bracelet get listed and relisted over and over again, and there it sat. I would have bought it if I'd had the money. Then the seller raised the price by $225, and on the second try, it sold with a BIN price. Go figure.
  15. I do the same exact thing! I'll watch something over and over just to see if it's sold, it's kind of like a car crash entitled "what fool will buy a bag priced over retail?"

    I've never sold anything, so I wouldn't know, what is the ebay listing fee?
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