Listing Picutres ... what do I need???

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  1. Hi all!!

    OK, I just bought TWO new Chanel bags so I was thinking of listing my Large Cambon Tote since I prefer handheld bags more and my DH is surely going to kill me if I keep all three :p ...

    ANYWAY ... I have mostly only sold LV on eBay and know what to take photos of with those, what do I need to show for Chanel? Any and all suggestions MUCH APPRECIATED :yes:

  2. I've sold alot of my Chanel bags on eBay and here's what I always show:
    front, back, bottom and both sides of bag
    the Chanel stamp inside
    the hologram sticker inside
    matching authentication card
    closeups of any marks or damage
    receipt and sku tag, if available (cross out personal info on receipt)
    closeups of hardware
    the Chanel sticker that came on the side of the Chanel box, if available (shows style number & color, etc.)
    I think that's it.
    Good luck!
  3. Oh thank you!

    when you say Chanel stamp, do you mean the Tag inside? I forgot to take one of that, darn it!
  4. i think the stamp is the gold embossed Chanel made in France stamp, the tag will be hologram tag-the one w/sticker. good luck!
  5. thanks! I just added it! I hope it sells ... I have never had a problem with my LV's even tho I am the worlds WORST photographer! :shame: