Listing on Google Base?

  1. Google Base

    Feedback or thoughts would be greatly appriciated :flowers: I know some PFer have already listed, any luck?
  2. never heard of it b4, guess i m too outdated,

    but i saw a lot of fakes when i searched "Chanel Classic"...better or worse than eBay?
  3. yeah right. too many fakes there. i tried searching for LV but 90% of them are fake! how i wish google would have their own auction site like eBay
  4. There are a lot of fakes there but there are also authentic bags. To be honest, I'd rather decide for myself what's fake than have eBay try to do it. I think PFers can do a much better job than ebay determining what's authentic. That being said, I wouldn't buy there unless I was familiar with the seller from ebay or PF.
  5. Hummm, it's free so it's worth a try! I'm going to list some items today :yes:
  6. Yeah, I'll have some great company!
  7. are you two using diff names?
  8. I used a similar name. I sold a Balenciaga bag today posted on google base. I found it easy to set up the auction and was happy to avoid ebay hassle and fees and paypal fees. One drawback of google is that there is no feedback for sellers or buyers as far as I can tell. I don't think I could have sold if potential buyers weren't familiar with me from ebay or PF. I find it more difficult than ebay to search the way I want to, although I may need to gain more experience. Another drawback is that there aren't as many authentic bags as ebay to draw potential buyers. I would post there again but I'm also looking for other options.
  9. funny how NOW we think ebay has less fakes..... but ebayis driving us auth sellers nuts!
  10. whoa it seems like a lot of fakers on this site... may take a while for buyers to sift through and find the authentic ones
  11. I use the same eBay name... which is different then my PF name becaeuse I don't want the Mods to think I'm promoting my own listings :p I do mention tPF in my Google Base listing though ;)
  12. In the interest of providing ebay's competitor's with a chance, I am starting to look at google base to see if any postings show photos of actual bags that appear authentic. There are a lot of stock photos which look authentic (but you never know if that's the bag you'll really get) but are overpriced.
  13. Let's hope Google will come up a competitive site enough to compete !!