Listing on Ebay, Help!

  1. Last night, I posted some stuff on eBay to sell. But someone reported them as fakes.
    They are not fakes. They are from about 10 years ago. What can I do? Can I get my listing fees back?

    so sad!
  2. Are you sure they were reported because they were fakes? did you have something in the title or listing that may have caused the listings to be pulled?

    What brand bags were they?
  3. Short answer: NO you cannot get your listing fees back.

  4. I think I read somewhere that it takes something like 5 reports from different users to have an item pulled as a fake (does anyone know if that's true?).

    You might have been in violation of another eBay policy. Unfortunately, you're out the listing fees. Sorry!
  5. No, not true. Any VERO member (copyright owners) can pull it. Sometimes they get bored and make mistakes. Sorry for your loss but there's nothing you can do but sulk.
  6. ^ I know that VeRO members can pull it, but if a regular ebay member like myself reports it, they don't automatically pull it. I've reported a number of very obvious fake Chanel sunglasses when they were first posted, and none of them were pulled.