listing on ebay advice please!

  1. Hello everyone.

    I want to start out by saying that I am in NO WAY trying to talk up my sales here. I just need some advice

    I know that I am going to sell 5 of my bags. I know that I am probably going to sell them on eBay. What I don't know is if I want to go through the hassle of selling them individually or trying to combine some bags to go together. I was thinking maybe my alma and my pochette together as a set???

    I also have lots of catalogs/books too that I want to include. Should I try and sell them in a lot or add them onto bag auctions to give my buyers a little somethign extra.

    so here are my choices:

    1. sell them individually or in a lot..put 2 together and sell the others individually??

    2. should I add the catalogs/books with the bag or should I sell them in a lot all their own???

    any help would be appreciated! Just let me know what YOU would want to see if you were buying it. Honestly I just want these bags out of my closet so new ones can come in!!! :p

    one more questions! (sorry:shame: )

    since I am not a MPRS I was thinking of telling everyone that I will pay for their authentications if they win...does that sound like a good idea? I don't want anyone thinking that my bags are fake!

    thanks again..sorry so long!
  2. Sell the bags & the pochette separately. Offer to include recepts, with personal information blacked out, if you have them. Catalogs are nice, but don't influence my purchase.
    What books?
    I look more for dustbags & boxes if you have them and anything that will authenticate the bags.
  3. i think you'd do best by selling them individually so people bid on what they want. you might sell 2 items but the bidder really only wants one of the pieces and discounts the other piece.

    i'd sell the lookbook separately but if you want you can list in your listing to give it to the highest bidder of the most expensive bag you are listing...

    sounds reasonable to pay for the winner's authentication, it's not much for buyers to pay but i think that helps alot to give ppl comfort. Savvy buyers will know what to look for though =)

    just my thoughts! =)

    will u PM me the pieces you are selling?
  4. i don't know that I can pm anyone like that without using the MP??????
    new to the board so need help knowing if that is true or not
  5. You are correct. No selling outside of MP.
    There is also an eBay forum and you may have more results moving your questions there....good luck!
  6. thank you a lot..I will post there!
    Glad I didn't go and get myself kicked out..I was pretty sure that wasn't OK to do!
  7. thanks to whoever moved this!