Listing H goods problem on Ebay - Need Help please !

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  1. #1 Oct 13, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 13, 2010
    I've just sold two twillies on Ebay and now trying to list my x but Ebay prohibits me on putting Hermes on the topic header and said I need to wait for 15 days. I know that they are trying to prevent frault since H products are high priced. I changed the header to show only x and got it listed. When I try to do a search on x, my item was not shown so I'm worried about the limited exposure that the bag deserves.

    Anyone encountered this problem before ?? What is the best way to avoid this besides removing certain keywords in the header to avoid this problem ?

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    I'm sorry to state the obvious, but..... Why not wait the fifteen days?

    ETA: I might be careful about posting specific details of what you are selling and the title in this and other threads as it may be interpretted as advertising.
  3. You've run into the well-known situation of a limit placed on people who sell designer goods. This has been discussed in other threads here at TPF; you may want to search.

    The short answer to the issue is:
    If you have a good and lengthy track record on eBay, you can talk to someone at Customer Support and get them to remove this limit to your account. They may try to be unresponsive, in fact this is very likely the first time you ask, but keep at it. They'll take a look at your buying and selling history and such and come to a conclusion. Hopefully in your favor. GL
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    There can be a delay of up to several hours before the listing appears in an ebay search. That may be it.
  5. I think you'd better wait 15 days. Even if your "Kelly" comes up in the search result, it would be mixed up with over 800 non-Hermes bags. So you might be going to lose potential buyers. Mine was 30 days when I had the restriction. 15 day sounds much better.