Listing for sale on EBAY and authenticity

  1. I need help regarding designer bags.

    At a yard sale, I bought 1 Chanel bag, 1 Prada bag and 2 Kenneth Cole bags. She had another Chanel bag but when I asked about it she told me it was fake so I didn't buy it. She said the ones I bought are authentic. I felt that by her telling me one was fake, she was probably being honest that the ones I bought were real. I do not know this person so now I am trying to determine if they are authentic or counterfeit.

    I would like to sell these on eBay. How do you authenticate a handbag?

    Thanks for any assistance you can give.
  2. You can post photos in our Authenticate This! sticky and we can help.
  3. Looks like Authenticate This! is closed - says private. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. In the individual designer forums, each one has its own Authenticate This thread. Try the thread under Chanel Shopping in the Chanel forum - it's at the top of the page.
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