Listing fees!!

  1. Ok, time to rant:

    Is it just me, or does everyone's fees go up by over a dollar each time you edit/revise/make a tiny change to your item? I don't know why my seller fees are so high, I use my own pictures and all. However, today my balance was $14.82 and I made a tiny change to one item I'm selling, and clicked list my item. To my surprise, I saw my seller fees go up to $15.92. :confused1: :wtf:

    Help! :yucky::sad::push:
  2. If you list in 2 categories, some of the fees do double. eBay is sooo good at getting every last dollar out of all their fees. They used to be much simpler.
  3. I haven't listed in 2 categories... I just stick to 1. It's really annoying how each time I try to edit/revise something, my fees before listing that item suddenly go up over a dollar more. :sad:
  4. Yeah it's really annoying. I use Auctiva so I get more pics...and I've gotten to the point where I don't use a gallery pic unless it's absolutely necessary. I start my items from between .99-$9.99 so my listing fees end up being about .45.
  5. but don't you fear your item's price not getting to where you want them to be? sales are so slow lately, I'd be a little anxious not to have a reserve.
  6. UGH! I wish I only had $15 in fees......

    It depends on what you are editing, if you are just editing hte description and not adding any extras it shouldn't cost you anything.
  7. I'm only editing the description, that's it. Like fixing a typo. Not adding anything's really bizarre. :wtf:
  8. I was just saying the other day that I felt like the eBay fees have gone up tremendously! I sold a bag last week for $400 and between the listing fees, final fees, and Paypal fees, it cost me almost $30! I hate it, but I guess it does get alot more exposure on eBay and, in turn, a better chance of selling than other places like Craig's list.
  9. I noticed that too. I changed a few words on my listing and my fees increased and I didnt understand why. What is the point of being able to revise a few words and being charged for it??
  10. Hmm, that is weird. If I were you two I would look into it. When I edit the description it says "new cost .00 balance ebay balance $15.00" Something like that anyway, but it never cost me more just to edit the item.
  11. Nah because I don't sell designer items. If I did then I would have a reserve. I mostly sell random clothes I haven't worn and magazines I'm done with. With the magazines, I always get more than I paid for them, especially for the British versions (usually about $4 more).