Listing ebay "hot" items (poll)


What type of auction do you prefer as a seller for an "it" item

  1. no reserve, "$9.99" start

  2. BIN of "$320.00"

  3. "9.99" start with a reserve of "$320"

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have a pair of *hot* shoes I want to list.
    I'm wondering.
    As a seller, what type of listing you prefer?
    As a buyer, is it different?

    I'm just worried as a seller that I won't break even on a pair of shoes that don't fit.
    At the same time, I don't want to set a reserve and scare people off.
    I'd rather the item sell itself and start ow with no reserve (which is what I actually have done), but the risk is irritating me.
  2. I voted for a BIN of $320 - as a buyer I'd be more inclined to think they were genuine (and I know this isn't always true) and when I'm spending that much money, I want to get my items NOW - not at the end of the auction. I'm interested to hear what other opinions are - as I'm not an eBay expert!
  3. i chose 9.99 starting bid & 320 BIN... give chances to ppl who wants to bid and gives those who just WANT the shoes just to buy it!!!
  4. OK-I have been a 100% seller only for the past year (6 years on eBay)-I really couldn't decide-now that I've learned shoes are the "it" thing, I would retract my $9.99 no reserve vote and go with the BIN, BUT...just one price is not an auction, it is an item up for sale, and you loose everyone who could possibly go to just under $300-I had a spectacular pair of worn once, highly prized shoes that didn't sell, I know I priced them too high-it is difficult, because you can't beat the exposure on eBay-I have never had a pair of shoes returned for bad fit (or any other reason), but I read over and over how people complain they don't fit-am veering off course, here-good luck, let us know what happens!
  5. As a seller I would start the bidding at $320. You may only get 1 bidder at the end and still sell the shoes for $320, but if two people like them and they get in a bidding war you may get $350 for them. As a buyer I like BIN for $320 b/c I don't have to wait for the auction to end.
  6. what is the least you want for the shoes? 320 or less? start the bidding at what you want for them. add a bin for what you really want.

    starting at 9.99 with no rrserve is just asking to sell it for less than you want and i personally hate reserves
  7. I have been amazed at what happens on the two occasions I have listed shoes (both times current season pairs by Christian Louboutin I wore once or twice). I didn't have a reserve, set a middling starting bid price but also offered a 5% premium BIN price. Both times no sooner than they were listed but they were sold at the premium BIN. I may just have been incredibly lucky, but I was very happy indeed!
  8. THANK YOU!!!! You ladies have helped me so far immeasurably!

    I changed the item from 9.99 start to a 299 start and 350 BIN.
    I listed them at the biggest $$ loss I could handle, and gave a BIN of what I paid initially.

    They are pretty rare and there was a big bidding war to get them when I purchased them, so I'm hoping because there are few of this label even on eBay, combined with the one other pair being offered at 600 I'll be okay!!

    Thanks again!
  9. none. start at .99 cents.
    its a killwe start to an auction. you get SO many more watchers to see if an auth item will go cheap or not. its worth it. ant THAT my dears, is my secret strategy!
  10. not killwe, a killer way. oops.
  11. hon why would you list something on ebay for what you paid? are they brand new and never worn? you're losing money on listing fees, ebay fees, paypal fees. esp if the retail is higher than what you paid- why should you LOSE money
  12. no they are used.
    oh, I did add $20 to cover all fees, paypal and listing.
    I meant I listed for what they've cost, no more ;)
  13. Good luck with the sale! Let us know how you get on.
  14. Depends on how hot they are. I dislike BINs, ESPECIALLY when used without reserves. The first bid cancels the BIN, so unless you set the opening bid at your BIN price, with the first bid it disappears unless you set a reserve. The flipside is that if they're hotter than you anticipate you cheat yourself.

    Also, I find that BINs seem to dissuade bidding. People LOVE getting a bargain. Someone who sees a BIN of $320 may be turned off, whereas if they see a pair of whatever at $115, they might bid and stimulate more bidding. That's why I really like a low start and a reserve. You see what they're worth and half the time I end up with more than I would've as a BIN. Another option is to do a fixed price sale and use the Best Offer option. I REALLY like doing things that way. It offers the speed of BIN with the flexibility to sell to a buyer who meets the price you want.