Listeria risks????

  1. So I just ate a small chicken ceaser salad (without dressing)with cold chicken from an italian restaurant down the street. I'm now freaking out because I know you're not supposed to have deli meats during pregnancy, but it didn't occur to me that the cold chicken was most likely cold processed chicken (like the stuff in the fridge section at the grocery store). It seems uncommon to catch listeria... but I'm just needing some reassurance.... did any of you eat deli meats or cold chicken that's in fast food salads and such during pregnancy? It seems like a pretty common thing to eat but I'm hoping I didn't make a mistake by eating without thinking.:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. I wouldn't worry too much. I've also eating soft serve icecream which is a no no. I've been tested everything is fine. I think it's more of a problem if you eat excessive amount of these foods that it can be a problem.
  3. Yes, figured it was just my hypochondria kicking in again lol

    soft serve too? geez... hadn't heard that one yet. Should we quarantine ourselves in bubbles as well? lol
  4. I dont think you have much to worry about - the occasional slip in eating pregnancy no no's is bound to happen, I ate tuna for months before finding out it was a no - no - baby came out just fine :smile:
  5. I didn't know that soft serve is a forbidden food either. I've been getting my source of calcium from MickyD's soft serve cones.
  6. I don´t know about the softness:confused1: but the thing is to eat dairy that has been pasteurised (I´m sure I misspelled that:p)

    To the op; As long as the chicken was cooked I´d see no problem with it.
  7. These mostly chilled, ready to eat food should be avoided altogether:

    Soft and semi-soft cheese
    Cold cooked chicken
    Cold processed meats
    Prepared salads Raw seafood
    Soft serve ice-cream Unpasteurised dairy products
    Patéfrom the food and healthy authority Australia.
  8. I've actually gotten so fed up with the what's ok, what's not list that's ever-changing, that I've decided to go with good 'ol common sense. With my first, half the things that they're saying to avoid now I ate regularly and she's just fine (it was 5 years ago), so I pretty much avoid the obvious risks - soft cheeses, uncooked meats and fish, etc, and watch everything else.

    While I think that it's great that we have so much knowledge today, I feel that we are trending on the "alarmist" side of things.
  9. Don't worry, you'll be fine. I also ate some of those during pregnancy and it was never a problem.
  10. I've since warmed up the lunch meats in the microwave until steaming hot as the pregnancy books and websites recommended... such a turn off because I love nice cold deli sandwiches and salads but ya gotta do what ya gotta do eh?
  11. i didn't know about tuna either and had a real tuna phase during my pregnancy - everything is just fine with my baby. I'd also just leave the soft cheese, any meat not well done when cooked and maybe common sense. btw, I am not sure whether soft ice cream really is the best source of calcium ..? i had terrible heartburn so milk was one of my best friends during pregnancy.

    but yeah, the list changes quite a lot - being sensible sounds like a good option. enjoy your pregnancies! :smile:
  12. I ate deli meats and caeser salads throughout all three of my pregnancies. I had no problems at all .
  13. i am at 32 week now and i had deli meat once in a while and so far so good. the only thing concerns me is tap water in restaurant-i never drink those anymore
  14. Yeah, I never drink the water at restaurants either!! And make sure to steer clear of Aquafina, just read that it's actually tap water. Yuck. I stick with Acqua Panna to be on the safe side... won't even drink the stuff from the filter on my fridge. My father in law worked for the water company and he has told me many firsthand horror stories... scared the bajeebies outta me!!
  15. I've never heard of soft serve ice cream as a thing not to eat during pregnancy (and I'm on my 4th kid!) LOL! Oh well, they are always finding out stuff for us not to eat I guess.
    I would not worry about the meat. I eat deli meat all the time, and have been with all my pgcys. (It's a craving) LOL! And nothing went wrong.

    What they want you to mainly stay away from is unpasturized dairy/food. Because it does not go through the "cleaning process" like pasturized stuff does. So I guess it's easier for you to catch a bacteria that may be in the food. I think you'll be fine. If you are really concerned about it, you can call your ob. (I only found out about this because I questioned mine about drinking "Real"cow milk, as opposed to pasturized cow milk. And he said "NO WAY" Because it was not pasturized. (However they say that Real cow milk is much more healthier for you. (It's all a catch 22)! LOL!

    Good Luck hun!