Listen to this buyer...This has NEVER happened to me!

  1. Sold LV Epi Toledo Noe...good condition... description states:

    A True classic in the most coveted color Toledo. This bag is from a smoke free home. It has signs of wear. A few surface scratches. See pics. Dustbag included. I purchased this bag last fall from a reputable mypoupette seller. Dustbag included. I have used it maybe 7 times. All other signs of minimal wear are: rubbing on strap and four corners, small scratch in LV insignia, one scratch on the side and a blemish on the inside. Very minimal compared to most. It has been kept in its dustbag in my purse pets! I hope this will go to someone soon
    I do not condone fraud. All of my items are from my personal LOUIS VUITTON collection and I guarantee to be 100% authenitc LV. I am not affiliated with Louis vuitton in any way. You may have my items authenticated by: Carol at or I will accept returns ONLY for nonauthenticity from these 2 sources in writing/email. I will follow-up with them personally. Item must be returned to me within 7 days after receipt for nonauthenticity with proof. Please check my world page for my history with high-end luxury LOUIS VUITTON.

    I get this message today!:cursing:



    I responded:

    I am sorry, the auction depicted the condition of the bag accurately. All my auctions do depict the condition of the bag accurately and I have never had a problem with my descriptions. Nor have I ever had any returns. The description states no returns. Buyer remorse is not a reason for a return. I have sold quite a few of my bags and this bag sold to you for considerably less than most Epi Noes do. No~ the bag is not used and abused, all pictures depict the condition of the bag accurately. The scratch is clearly pictured in the listing as is the noe tie strap. All other wear is minor. The description also states to see all pictures. I used the maximum amount of pictures eBay allows to give a clear picture of the bag.
    Thank you and best regards,

    What do you guys think? I am not allowing a return. :cursing:
  2. I think you handled it very nicely. Worst thing now is you'll probably get a negative feedback. What was the seller's feedback like? Are they new to eBay?
  3. Sounds like they are trying to switch bags. I would be curious to see pics of this "abuse".
  4. I also think you dealt with this quite well given their crazy request to return the bag. As your description states, please view the photos. This is the same thing that Let-Trade says, so I think that buyers need to pay attention to not only the text description, but also the photos. Ghost, I think you did the right thing, I would not allow a return, NO WAY!!
  5. ^^UGH, same here!

    I've told this story before but that reminds me of a buyer I just had to deal with recently. I listed this dvd set as "New!" meaning it had just come out that week and described the condition as watched once and also showed pictures of the discs that were inside. So I left positive feedback for her not long after and she emails me saying she was "going to leave me a neutral but hesitated because of my all positive feedback." Apparently she looked RIGHT past my description AND pictures of the set (I showed the outer cover and another picture showing the case opened so the discs were visible) and she was "disappointed" to find that the set had been opened as she had wanted to give it as a gift. I offered her a refund but she said she didn't want one, and she ended up leaving me a positive for my fast shipping etc, but then added on, "read carefully, New! might not mean unopened."
    Um obviously you would have known it was opened if you would have looked at the pictures and READ the description before you bid! :cursing:

    Anyway, I think you did the right thing AND you said no refunds/returns except for authenticity issues, the buyer could have clearly seen what it looked like from your pictures. If she is disappointed in it, she should just chalk it up to a loss and resell it.
  6. Buyers feedback is 100% at 64 and it is a male. He also stated he needed the bag right away and I shipped the same day the auction ended.

    I did attach a tag and took numerous photos of it. I have all of them on my camera. The tag depicts "if this tag is removed = no return).

    I am concerned and feel as though this buyer may be trying bait and switch.

    Rebecca~ I agree it is up to the buyer to READ the description. Completely their fault if they do not. I would have been :cursing:.

    I CANNOT thank you all enough for making me feel better. I was so I am just plain mad.

    He got such a great deal! It was only $180.0!:wtf:
  7. Oh no sending you (((hugs)))- you showed the condition of the bag and your response was great-
    I agree it's buyers remorse, maybe offer to let him use your photos and description to relist the bag- I did that when a dad bought one of my daughters size 1 skirts for his 1 year old daughter:confused1:- he was mad at me :wtf: He left me positive feedback but all 1in the :cursing: stars go figure.
    You haven't done anything wrong there are just some people who don't read or look at photos-your auctions look great:yes:
    Keep us posted
  8. ^^^ Thank you! I Really try to take as many pics as ebay will allow. I do this for this very reason....he can come after me. GAME ON!:boxing:
  9. Buyers should definitely look over the pictures and if they don't, it's totally their own fault. I think you handled the situation in a calm manner. Well done!
  10. Well sounds like you were a GREAT seller. And that IS a good deal! Take it back if you don't want the negative BUT I would be WEARY because he sounds like a WEIRDO.

    I have sold a bunch on eBay & only once has a seller asked to return something. I let her do it too because she was so nice about it & wrote me a really sweet e-mail saying how sorry she was but she misread the measurements of the bag & thought she was getting a larger one. She also ASKED if I would be willing to do a return & it worked out great but I would be careful if the person sounds NUTTY! A neg. feedback is better than a bait & switch & all the headaches that go along w/ it!
  11. Oh for F sake!!!!
    Your bag was in AMAZING condition! :cursing:I saw your listing it only ended MONDAY ) And SUPER DUPER CHEAP!!!
    Go to Ebay Live help and ask them what to do. You have photos and everything to prove it.
    Sounds like buyers remorse to me. Or perhaps he just needed it for one day or something???
    Aaaaaargh - now I mad FOR you!
  12. OMG, that is an amazing deal and he's COMPLAINING about the condition??? That is insane. :mad:
  13. Ebayer~ Thank you so much...I tried to be calm even though I was so PO! :nuts:

    Rebecca~ Thank you, It was a steal and the condition was very good. I appreciate your support.

    Nyria~ Thank you for saying you thought the same thing I did about the condition. That just verifies I am not nuts! LOL! Thanks for being mad with me!:p

    MassLaw~ I agree something is just "off" about the buyer. He probably saw my tag attached and had a coniption fit and couldn't take pics of the bag to use for his own purposes or something along those lines.

    I will keep you guys posted about this and will release his name to you guys via PM. PM me!
  14. good luck ghost! holy crap - some people r just so unkind..........

  15. You can show as many pics as you want (literally thousands, all though we don't recommend that) by referencing pics stored (for free) at in your listing.